Why Should You Switch To Smart Home? Here Are Five Reasons

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Why Should You Switch To Smart Home? Here Are Five Reasons

Do you often hear the term smart home? For those who are not familiar, a smart home can be defined simply as a technology-based home. Various home electronic devices such as TVs, lights, CCTV and so on can be integrated and controlled remotely as long as they are connected to the internet or wi-fi.

Currently, more and more people are interested and apply the smart home system at home. If you don’t know what benefits this technology has to offer, the following five reasons might make you switch to smart home technology right away:

1. Energy saving

The first advantage that you can enjoy by switching to a smart home is that it saves energy. If home electronic devices are connected in one system, you can even operate them remotely. So you don’t have to be afraid of forgetting to turn off lights or other electronic devices when you leave the house.

One example, if you use the Krisbow Smart LED Bulb for lighting at home, everything can be arranged via the Smart KLIC application. You can turn the lights on or off, adjust the brightness of the lights and the color of the lights.

You can also set a schedule for when the lights turn off or turn on automatically via the Smart KLIC application on your smartphone. The Smart LED Bulb Krisbow can be obtained at ACE Indonesia, while the Smart KLIC application can be downloaded for free on the App Store or Play Store.

2. Life is easier

If you are part of the team lying down, smart home technology will greatly facilitate your life. Sometimes when you are tired and already lying in bed, you forget to turn off the lights or turn on the air purifier.

Well, if you have a smart air purifier like the Smart Air Purifier Kris, you can operate it remotely via the Smart KLIC application on your smartphone. To accompany you to sleep, you can activate the silent Sleep mode.

By turning on the Kris Smart Air Purifier, you can get clean air free of pollutants and allergens throughout the night. Rest so quality and wake up the next day refreshed.

3. Security supervision is more flexible

You don’t need to worry anymore when you have to leave your children or pets at home if you have installed CCTV. Not only for documentation, but you can also do live monitoring via CCTV cameras.

Now the installation of CCTV can also be easier. For indoor installation, you can use a wi-fi IP Camera. Simply connected to wi-fi, you can already have CCTV that can record and be monitored directly. For storage media, it can be done via the microSD card slot.

One of the wi-fi IP cameras that you can choose is the Mini Wi-Fi IP Camera 11S 2MP I-KLIC from ACE Indonesia. This Wi-fi IP Camera has a full HD 1080p resolution camera so that the resulting image is clearer.

In addition, there are motion and sound detection features, night vision and a two-way audio system. For camera settings and surveillance, you can do everything through the Smart KLIC application.

Want to know the difference between regular CCTV and wi-fi IP cameras? Read the following article for a detailed explanation.

4. No need for much remote control

Not all electronic devices are present in the smart version or have a wi-fi connection. But don’t worry, you can still control it in an integrated way. Just install a tool like the Universal Infrared Remote Wi-Fi Krisbow at home.

With this universal remote, you can control various electronic devices from your smartphone through the Smart KLIC application. Universal Infrared Remote Wi-Fi Krisbow can connect with more than 50 brands ranging from AC, TV, sound system and many more. So no need to bother looking for a tucked away remote control.

5. Cleaning the house becomes easier

For those of you who don’t have much time to clean the house, switching to smart home technology will be very helpful. You can use a robotic vacuum cleaner to replace a conventional sweeping or mopping job.

Like the KLAZ Vacuum Cleaner Robot that can work automatically and is controlled through the Smart KLIC application on a smartphone. This KLAZ robot vacuum cleaner can suck dust, mop floors and is equipped with edge detection sensors, walls and glass dividers.

Those are five reasons why you should switch to smart home technology. Come on, make your home comfortable and safe with the smart home series collection from ACE Indonesia. In addition to the five products mentioned above, there are many other smart home series products such as wi-fi ceiling lights, wi-fi plugs and extensions.

You can get all of them at the nearest ACE Indonesia store. You can also shop for smart home series products through ACE Online (www.acehardware.co.id/shop) or the MISS ACE application.

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