Want YOUR Business More Advanced? Make It Happen With These 5 Business Applications Without Capital

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Want YOUR Business More Advanced? Make It Happen With These 5 Business Applications Without Capital

The existence of technology has offered many attractive opportunities for those who have businesses to achieve more profits.

Only from a device, MSMEs can maximize their business through business applications that have been downloaded, whether it’s still in the early stages of pioneering until you start selling products.

Some of the conveniences that can be obtained from business applications include making it easier and neater to operate daily business.

Besides that, it also doesn’t spend a lot of money because some of the features available are free, and are also able to provide optimal service for customers.

Applications like this are suitable as MSME applications.

The following is a list of digital applications that can be used for business actors:

1. Application of notes to analytics

Capturing ideas when inspiration strikes is essential for your business to thrive.

To become an organized businessman, Evernote and OneNote can be the main solution.

With features that are quite rich, these two applications can help you and your team in various needs, from putting together notes, checklists, to making schedules.

Finding the idea itself also requires in-depth research.

Therefore, tools such as Google Analytics and Ahrefs can also be used so that you can follow the latest developments to get to know the business competition map so that you are able to take the right strategy.

2. An all -in -one business management application

When running a business, MSMEs need to pay attention to many things so that the business they manage becomes more productive and less time consuming.

Therefore, having an assistant in the form of an all-in-one business application such as POS which consists of digital recording, receipt of payments, product management to sales analysis is a necessity so that your business can progress.

To answer all of that, the Youtap Business Application can be used by MSMEs.

All you have to do is download, businesses can get these productivity features for free.

In addition, another thing that is often experienced by MSMEs when selling is how to get stock of goods easily and quickly.

When you and your team don’t have time to buy directly, you can take advantage of the stock application owned by Youtap via the Stock Shopping feature.

Through the stock application, business actors can save time on shopping and simplify the process of managing their business efficiently.

3. Applications to make your business look more attractive

To increase the added value in your online store, a unique and attractive design is very crucial at this time.

If a beginner is still not ready to hire specialized graphic design services, the Canva application can be used to help you create beautiful graphics.

With hundreds of templates provided, even business people who do not have design skills will be able to design the appearance of their business quickly and satisfactorily.

To make product photos better, the Clip Drop application can also be used.

It is easier for business people to edit their product photos for content needs on social media and websites without the need for a photo studio.

4. Increase your visibility in the digital realm

In order for customers to be able to reach your business more broadly, your presence in the digital realm needs to be built.

In addition to using social media, to display more technical information about your business such as hours of operation, business category, to business address, Google My Business is a must-have tool.

Not only from the business side. What’s more interesting, customers can also give a rating here.

In addition, communication to customers also needs to be done to make it smoother.

WhatsApp for Business can be used to provide quick replies, display catalogs, or display business profiles.

Even on social media, you can put a link in the description using the Linktree application so that consumers can more easily contact you.

5. Tools digital marketing

Content management is no longer a foreign thing for every business actor.

To make things easier, Hootsuite can be used so that your social media can be managed simultaneously from just one application.

When it comes to delivering a message to customers, it’s also important to reach them digitally.

Through applications such as Mailchimp, you can distribute promotions that have been made in the form of a newsletter simultaneously to a list of e-mail addresses that you have compiled.

This is certainly a good opportunity to increase sales, keep customers coming back, and find new subscribers.(*)

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