Want To Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark? Here’s How

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Want To Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark? Here's HowTikTok is a social media that gains popularity and is the most downloaded application throughout 2021.

This short video sharing social media is liked by all people, from children to adults.

TikTok is ranked number one of the most popular sites of 2021.

The video-sharing platform is six notches ahead of number 7 in 2020.

“In September, TikTok even hit a new record, reporting 1 billion monthly active users,” according to information from bettermind.id.

In addition to uploading videos, users can also save videos into the TikTok application to be watched again at a later time.

You can also save it in the phone storage space.

Here’s how, press the share option on the video you want, then select the save menu.

Automatically, your video will be saved in the phone gallery.

It’s just that the video you download includes a watermark containing the owner’s information.

For some people, the presence of this watermark is considered quite disturbing.

Especially if you want to do editing with the video.

However, don’t worry.

Because, there are several sites that have services to download TikTok videos without having to include a watermark.

So, you will save the video in full screen, without any frills with the name of the owner or uploader of content in it.

Here are some sites that have a service to download TikTok videos without a watermark:

● Snaptik
● SSSTiktok
● Savefrom
● Tikmate
● Musically Down

How to Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark

In general, downloading or downloading TikTok videos without a watermark via websites is not much different.

The method is as follows:

First, open your TikTok application
Find the video you want to download, then click the share button
The next step, click the copy link option
Then visit the above site (eg Snaptik) and paste the link you copied earlier into the provided
field Then, you click the download button and finish
TikTok videos without a watermark will be saved in the download folder on your cellphone or laptop device with MP4 file format

Causes TikTok Videos Can’t Download

There are times when you fail to download videos. This can happen for several reasons.

Find out why your TikTok videos are not downloading.

1. The Link You Pasted Was Wrong

It is possible that you copied the wrong video link. All download sites that you use to download TikTok videos without watermark only work with correct video links.

So if you enter another link such as a profile link of the video owner or someone else, then the download process cannot be done by the application.

2. A Video With Its Own Characteristics

If the video you’re trying to download is individual, then the site can’t help you.

This is because video privacy settings have prevented third parties from viewing and recording videos.

3. Internet Connection Problem

Another classic problem, why can’t it be opened because the internet connection is problematic.

If this is the cause then you can try turning your internet connection off and on again.

You can also move to a place with a stronger signal or change the Internet provider you use.

That’s an explanation of how to download TikTok videos using various applications available on the internet.

Basically, all these sites have almost the same way of working. Then, make sure the video link you want is correct. Hope it is useful.

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