Use These 3 Ways To Get The Best Turbo Engine Performance In DFSK Glory Series

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Use These 3 Ways To Get The Best Turbo Engine Performance In DFSK Glory Series

JAKARTA – Chinese car manufacturer DFSK uses turbo engines for several vehicle model lines.

The use of a turbo engine was chosen by DFSK because the advantages offered cannot be separated from the work system that utilizes airflow from the engine exhaust gas to rotate the turbine blades, thereby producing compressed air in large volumes.

The air from the turbo is then cooled through the intercooler before finally re-entering the engine which can help the fuel combustion process to be more optimal. The result can improve performance when driven on the streets.

This 1.5L Turbo engine can be found in the DFSK Glory 560 and DFSK Glory i-Auto with strong and reliable power for various road conditions.

For example, the DFSK Glory 560 only uses a 1.5L Turbo engine with support for 150 PS of power at 5,600 rpm with 230 torque at 1,800 – 4,000 rpm.

“The engineers at RnD DFSK designed this 1.5L Turbo engine with the aim of presenting a pleasant travel experience thanks to its abundant power to the aspect of easy maintenance. The presence of this engine is also in line with the needs of consumers who want a powerful and responsive engine,” said PR and Media Manager of PT Sokonindo Automobile Achmad Rofiqi,” Friday (25/2/2022).

In order for the engine to deliver its best performance during the trip, car owners must pay attention to a number of aspects of engine requirements.

DFSK shares three things that car owners must pay attention to so that the turbo engine can work optimally:

1. Check and Change Engine Oil Regularly

Engine oil plays an important role because it has the function of protecting the engine from wear due to friction of the components in it, helping to maintain the temperature of the car, to cleaning some of the existing scale.

Consumers can check the engine oil volume and quality through the dipstick that is usually on the engine.

If the oil volume has decreased or the condition is cloudy, you can come to an official DFSK workshop to change the engine oil.

Carrying out regular maintenance and engine oil changes at an authorized workshop will guarantee the engine oil specifications recommended by the manufacturer and an accurate thorough inspection of the vehicle.

2. Use the Right Fuel

In order for the engine to carry out optimal combustion, it is necessary to use the right fuel according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Vehicles with turbo engines require gasoline with a minimum of RON 92.

The use of the right gasoline according to the manufacturer’s recommendations will help the combustion system work perfectly.

For this turbo car, it is required to use quality fuel so that the car’s engine performance works at the highest level.

3. Regularly Clean the Air Filter

The key to the turbo working process is the air that enters the turbine. So that vehicle owners should regularly clean the air filter.

If the air filter is dirty, the turbo performance that uses air will not be optimal.

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