Tips For Choosing A Helmet And How To Take Care Of It So It Doesn’t Smell

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Tips For Choosing A Helmet And How To Take Care Of It So It Doesn't Smell

Two-wheeled vehicles which have become a means of public transportation are increasingly being used.

Talking about motorbikes, you can’t escape the use of helmets.

However, there are still many who have not been able to choose a helmet with the right size, especially for women.

Quoted from RC Motogarage Store Manager, Priadanis Nugroho Putra, shares tips on choosing the right helmet for women.

The easiest way is to use your index finger.

Before buying a helmet, Danis said, buyers must measure the circumference of the head.

“Because every helmet has a different size. For example, size S 55-56cm, size M 57-58, size L 59-60 and XL 61-62,” said Danis.

He added that complaints about narrow cheeks when trying on a helmet are natural and even a must.

Because, if the cheeks are not pinched, it will be the head that will bear the weight and that makes helmet users often feel dizzy.

Furthermore, when trying on a helmet, the user can test it by inserting the index finger on the forehead.

“If the finger doesn’t go in, it means the helmet is right for your size, which shouldn’t be if your head feels cramped. Sometimes we tell our customers to try the helmet for at least 5 minutes so they can feel it,” he said.

Tips for Caring for Anti-Odor Helmets

Caring for the helmet must also be considered so that it remains comfortable to use.

Helmets that are not cared for and emit an unpleasant odor can also be a breeding ground for disease.

Quoted from , helmets that emit a musty smell are due to careless use and storage.

Helmet Learning Community activist, Ahmad M, said that there are several easy ways that helmet owners can do to avoid this.

The following must be considered so that the helmet does not emit an unpleasant odor

1. Don’t wear a helmet when your hair is wet

Bad odors are created from bacteria that are lodged in the helmet.

These bacteria exist because when wearing a helmet, the condition of the hair is still wet.

Especially for pomade users.

The oil content in pomade has a negative impact on the inner pad.

This causes dirt to stick together and bacteria to multiply.

2. Use a helmet liner or balaclava

If you are the type of person who sweats easily, it is recommended to use a line, helmet cup or balaclava.

Using these devices is useful so that sweat does not stick to the inside of the helmet.

Because sweat not only causes odor, but can also reduce the quality of helmet foam.

3. Dry immediately after the rain

Helmets that are exposed to rain can quickly cause mold.

For this reason, if it is exposed to rain, it should be cleaned immediately, especially on the visor so that mold does not grow.

You can also dry the helmet using a fan for three hours.

Do not dry the helmet in the sun, because it will make the Expanded Polystyrene or Styrofoam (ESP) effect brittle quickly.

4. Put the helmet in the best position

After using the helmet, don’t forget to open the visor and place it upside down.

Do this for about an hour so that the heat quickly escapes.

After that, you can put it in a normal position.

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