This Is The Risk If You Are Lazy To Change The Oil Filter On A Motorcycle

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This Is The Risk If You Are Lazy To Change The Oil Filter On A Motorcycle

JAKARTA – The oil filter is a component that must be replaced regularly, as we usually find on sport-to-automatic motorcycles.

Leaving the oil filter dirty and not replacing it for a long time risks reducing engine performance.

According to Herman, the owner of Monkeywork Garage on Jl. Cempaka V, No. 14, Bintaro, South Jakarta, this habit can be fatal for the engine.

“Indeed, there are still quite a lot of people who are lazy to change the oil filter, even though changing the oil is routine,” said Herman to Gridoto

“In fact, it is feared that the oil filter will store a lot of dirt from the friction of the engine, because according to its function it is indeed filtering dirt,” he continued.

When you fill in new oil but the oil filter is not replaced, the new oil will not be dirty for long due to the remaining dirt in the filter.

“Oil filters of poor quality can cause excessive friction or friction on parts due to dirt not being properly filtered, which can cause the motor to break and have to get off the engine,” he warned.

Of course, being able to make components in the machine must be replaced and the cost is not cheap.

In addition, the oil flow can be clogged or clogged with a damaged filter condition.

“So basically the components are not lubricated properly, after all the price of the filter is still cheap. The price of OEM oil filters is still a lot below Rp. 50 thousand, of course it is not expensive compared to the risk,” said Herman. (uje/gridoto)

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