This Is Polytron’s Latest Technology And Design That Gets Top Brand Award 2022

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This Is Polytron's Latest Technology And Design That Gets Top Brand Award 2022

Recently, Polytron received the prestigious Top Brand Award 2022.

Polytron was lined up as the selected electronic product or brand in the Top of Mind (the best choice of product), Top of Market Share (top market share) and Top of Commitment Share (the best service commitment) in the event.

It is not without reason that the largest electronics producer in Indonesia has received this award.

This is because Polytron presents electronic products with the latest technology that makes it easy for users, while promoting an aesthetic design.

There are two electronic products that led Polytron to get this prestigious award.

The first is the Polytron Belleza Big Liter, which is a refrigerator with a cooling system that is evenly distributed throughout the interior so that cold temperatures can reach all areas of the food and beverage rack.

It doesn’t stop there, this refrigerator also uses vacuum compartment technology which can suck air that causes spoilage around food or drinks.

So, food or beverage ingredients stored in Polytron Belleza Big Liter can be more durable and last longer, up to 21 days.

More than that, these foods and drinks can also be protected from germs and bacteria that cause spoilage.

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Not only can the latest technology be the advantage of this refrigerator from Polytron, the elegant design that is compiled is no less interesting.

“In terms of design, Polytron is the pioneer of refrigerators with glass door finishes. One of the types is the Belleza Big Liter with an elegant design, inspired by nature filled with very attractive colors and can beautify the interior of the house, “said Albert Fleming, representative of Polytron.

“In addition, glass door refrigerators are known to have a longer and durable durability, because the doors cannot rust like metal doors,” he added.

In addition to refrigerators with the latest technology, Polytron also uses them in other products such as washing machines, air conditioner dispensers, televisions, to their audio products.

Like the Polytron PMA 9507 audio product, which is a speaker with the advantages of Bazzoke, so that the bass sound produced is of very high quality and booming bass.

This device also uses digital technology with remote control from a smartphone via the Polytron Audio Connect application which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Friends, it will be easier for you to adjust volumemode, Bazzoke, equalizer, ambient light and other settings.

As for connectivity, PMA 9507 uses connections such as bluetooth, USB input, SD card/MMC input, aux input, and line input.

With complete features, you can use PMA 9507 for various needs, such as work, playing games, to entertainment.

This is because the PMA 9507 is also equipped with two microphone input connections for easy karaoke.

“Hopefully, by conferring the Top Brand Award 2022, the Polytron brand will be stronger even in the midst of a pandemic and the great onslaught of similar products from other countries,” concluded Albert.


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