This Car Connectivity Technology Presents Many Features Through Gadgets, Including Safety Driving

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This Car Connectivity Technology Presents Many Features Through Gadgets, Including Safety Driving

TipsSeo – Driving accidents are unpredictable. In unexpected times, accidents can happen anytime and anywhere without us expecting it. As a result, this situation is very dangerous and can even threaten our lives.

Traffic accidents in Indonesia continue to be at more than 100 thousand cases per year. Launching Katadata, data from PT Jasa Raharja (Persero) noted that the number of victims of traffic accidents reached 78,660 people during January-September 2021.

Meanwhile, according to data from the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemkominfo) recorded that every day an average of 3 people die due to accidents. The main causes, namely human factors, vehicle factors, traffic facilities and infrastructure, then with the highest percentage, 61 percent, came from human factors.

To minimize the risk of an accident, it is important to drive carefully and apply safety driving. There are many ways to implement safety driving, for example by obeying every traffic sign and not violating it intentionally.

However, in the current era of disruption, the use of technology can also play a role in maximizing driving safety. One of them is by using a safety driving application that can be installed on a smartphone.

Driving safety applications make you respond quickly to emergency conditions that occur in front of your eyes. Motorists can also be helped quickly by the authorities so as to avoid a more frightening incident that will happen to them.

SOS application

There are many types of smartphone applications that can support driving safety. Of course, this aims to help avoid unexpected events, such as accidents and emergencies.

Drivers need to install an application with the SOS feature on a smartphone that is connected to their car. This SOS-featured application will generally provide first aid for motorists in an emergency.

In such an emergency, such as during a collision (collision between vehicles) or other accidents, the driver can press the SOS button either on the smartphone or on the car that has the SOS feature installed.

Quickly and real-time there will be notifications about emergencies you experience, and the authorities will soon come to provide assistance.

Tracker application

The SOS application will be more complete with a tracker application. Serving to notify the position of the rider who is in an emergency, the tracker application will easily do so.

In running this tracker application, drivers need to install it and run it with GPS (Global Positioning System) to be able to tell the exact position.

Later, the tracker application installed on the smartphone will provide information about the location of the vehicle and the driver and access to reach that location.

Emergency call application

This one application serves to make emergency calls quickly. The emergency call application functions like a help button that will connect the driver with the medical assistance and rapid response team.

Usually, emergency call applications work by connecting drivers with operators who will immediately respond immediately, and connecting them to the authorities to deal with drivers and cars that have an accident or emergency.

Meanwhile, the authorities that can be connected to this application are the police, the nearest hospital, to authorized services from the car brand that had an accident.

The emergency call application installed on the smartphone must of course function 24 hours a day considering that no one knows when an accident will occur.

For example, a driver should have an SOS-featured app that will connect him to the authorities when his car breaks down.

In addition, it is also important to have an application that can connect the rider to the operator who is ready to help in the event of an accident. It can certainly make motorists get medical assistance or police assistance more quickly.

Connectivity technology that is connected via gadgets

With various innovations that have developed in smartphone applications, there is now a connectivity technology application that reaches many functions and can be accessed easily via smartphones, including driving safety functions. One of them is the Hyundai Bluelink.

Launching , Hyundai Bluelink is a platform with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that connects cars with owners via smartphones. This connected car service platform was created to enhance the user experience while driving a Hyundai manufacturer vehicle, which is currently available on the Hyundai CRETA.

Like the SOS application, tracker and emergency call in one hand, the Hyundai Bluelink comes with these three features.

This application from Hyundai offers various functions such as safety, monitoring vehicle health, emergency situations, and convenience to support the safety and security of the driver.

Hyundai Bluelink has various features that can support all of these things in one application, namely:

1) ACN (Auto Collision Notification)

Functioning automatically, the ACN feature will work immediately when an accident occurs. Along with the expansion of the airbags on the inside of the car, the ACN signal will automatically be sent to the Hyundai Bluelink call center.

Immediately after receiving the signal sent by the vehicle, the Bluelink call center operator will contact the driver via the mic and speaker installed in the driver’s Hyundai vehicle. The operator will confirm your condition and then contact the nearest police or medical officer to assist you.

2) SOS/Emergency Assistance

The SOS function or emergency assistance on the Hyundai Bluelink can be accessed by drivers by pressing the SOS button located on the overhead console in the car or on the Hyundai Bluelink application on their smartphone. Immediately after being pressed, the Hyundai Bluelink call center will contact and send the needed assistance to the location of the vehicle and driver.

3) RSA (Road Side Assistance)

This one feature will help motorists when experiencing vehicle technical problems in the middle of the trip. By pressing the Bluelink button on the overhead console or in the Hyundai Bluelink application, the nearest Hyundai Service Center will immediately launch or send a tow truck to handle problems such as crashes and others.

4) Stolen Vehicle Features

The first feature that works as an anti-theft feature is the stolen vehicle notification. When someone forces open the car, the owner will receive a notification through the Bluelink application on the smartphone seamlessly. That way, the driver will be aware quickly to take the next action.

After that, the anti-theft stolen vehicle tracking feature will directly contact the Hyundai Bluelink call center to help track the car by providing location and route information to the car.

Finally, stolen vehicle immobilization will activate to turn off the car engine and freeze it so that the thief cannot start it. This feature can be accessed through the Hyundai Bluelink application on a smartphone which will be directly connected to the call center.

You can enjoy the Hyundai Bluelink application by connecting it to the Hyundai CRETA.

Present as a flagship SUV for the family, the Hyundai CRETA is designed to drive on the streets comfortably and safely, and of course with its Hyundai Bluelink connectivity technology you can connect to the Hyundai call center 7 x 24 hours in the event of an emergency.

You can immediately get help immediately through the Hyundai Bluelink application on your smartphone. Seamlessly also enjoy safety and driving safety features while driving with the Hyundai CRETA with the built in Hyundai Bluelink All in One Apps.

Not only driving safety features, you can also enjoy various other advanced features for driving comfort, such as Remote Engine Start/Stop Remote Climate Control, Remote Door Lock/Unlock, Remote Horn & Light Control and Find my Car.

Immediately enjoy the comfort and safety of driving with the advanced technology of the Hyundai Bluelink application with Hyundai CRETA.

For more information about the Hyundai Bluelink and Hyundai CRETA, you can access the following link.

Author: Moh. Fitrah Habibullah | Editor: Firda Fitri Yanda

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