Things Beginners Need To Prepare When Running

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Things Beginners Need To Prepare When Running

JAKARTA – If someone has never run before, and then is required to do it for health reasons, it’s good to pay attention to several things.

This was conveyed by Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr. Hario Tilarso SP KO.

According to him, running only requires simple tools.

First, provide a pair of good quality shoes. Any brand can be used. Second, Dr. Hario reminded not to forget to prepare clothes.

“Trousers are not recommended because the leg movement is right there. Don’t cover it and limit it. Someone often experiences obstacles in running because they are wearing trousers,” he said on the YouTube channel RS Premier quoted on Monday (21/3/2022).

Third, the thing that needs to be prepared is to provide enough time to run. Please at any time is not a problem.

If you get hit by work, you can run earlier too. Evening after work is not a problem.

Even according to Dr. Hario, in western countries, people take advantage of lunch time to run for 30 minutes.

“Surely how long do we want to run? At least 40-60 minutes. It’s not burdensome and doesn’t need to eat first,” he concluded.

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