The Dangers Caused If You Use Mouthwash Too Often

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The Dangers Caused If You Use Mouthwash Too Often

JAKARTA — The daily use of mouthwash is nothing new.

These products promise to improve the process of brushing teeth as well as a sensation of freshness in the mouth.

However, mouthwash should be used only as needed.

If too much, it can disrupt the oral flora.

“Use only what is needed because it will disturb the oral flora,” said the dentist and lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) UGM, Dr. drg. Yulita Kristanti, M.Kes., Sp.KG.(K), reported from the page.

Dentist Andina Widyastuti, Sp.KG(K), explained that oral flora is a collection of good bacteria in the mouth.

Excessive use of mouthwash is feared to interfere with these good bacteria.

Disruption of good bacteria is then allegedly can lead to the appearance of fungus in the mouth.

“It could be that the good bacteria are lost (by the chemicals that mouthwash brings) and then mold develops in our mouths. Of course we don’t want that. So, our advice is to use only one product (mouthwash) or according to the rules listed on the product label,” explained drg. Andina.

Especially for people with filling teeth

Another dentist and lecturer of FKG UGM, Dr. drg. Raphael Tri Endra Untara, M.Kes., Sp.KG(K)., added that people who use dental fillings should also not use mouthwash regularly.

He explained that the most popular material used for filling teeth today, namely composite resin, is prone to degradation due to acid.

That is, if the mouthwash has acid levels continuously, it will be able to damage the dental fillings that you have.

“Now is the era of dental fillings with composite resin materials, because (the material) has a color similar to the teeth, so it produces a good aesthetic. However, it turns out that this filling material is one of the drawbacks, it can be degraded by acid. So even though mouthwash is good to use, because it gives a fresh sensation after being used, if it is used continuously it can damage the fillings on the teeth,” said Endra.

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