Sweetened Condensed Milk For Your Favorite Apple Toast Recipe

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Sweetened Condensed Milk For Your Favorite Apple Toast Recipe

Plauge News – Sweetened condensed milk is very suitable to be used as a complement to the breakfast menu. Besides being easy to get, breakfast made from sweetened condensed milk also doesn’t take much time to prepare. As a result, the breakfast menu of sweetened condensed milk is perfect for those of you who are busy, including this one sweet condensed milk apple toast recipe,

Various breakfast menus can be created with sweetened condensed milk as an ingredient. For example, by combining ingredients such as fruit, bread, pancakes, and other menus, sweetened condensed milk is added as a complementary or topping.

With the addition of sweetened condensed milk, a delicious and simple breakfast menu can be made easily for you and your family. Moreover, breakfast is one dish that should not be missed in the morning before starting the activity.

The reason is, launching the Breakfast & Productivity Book (2015) by DR. dr. Edi Hartoyo, Sp.A (K) et al. stated that breakfast is a very important activity because it provides various benefits, ranging from increasing energy, maintaining physical endurance, increasing concentration, maintaining calorie availability, to reducing stress levels.

In addition, launching WebMD breakfast can also start the metabolic process well, thus helping you burn calories more optimally throughout the day. Not only that, breakfast with a delicious menu such as sweetened condensed milk can also reduce bad cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease.

A brief history of sweetened condensed milk that you should know

Behind the ease of making a breakfast menu with the addition of sweetened condensed milk, it turns out that this one ingredient has a unique short history. Did you know yet?

Since being discovered in the 19th century by several inventors and scientists, sweetened condensed milk has continued to be a popular food ingredient in the culinary world, especially as an ingredient in processed foods to toppings to add to the enjoyment of dishes.

Launching an article on July 17, 2021, food historian from the University of Padjadjaran, Fadly Rahman, explained that at the beginning of the 19th century, a French inventor Nicolas Appert was looking for answers to the problem of fresh milk that quickly went stale.

Appert finally preserves condensed milk in bottles as a solution to the problem of fresh milk that does not have a long shelf life due to the absence of refrigeration technology.

Not alone, entrepreneur from the United States, Gail Borden has also developed research on sweetened condensed milk by making a ‘vacuum pot’ tool to evaporate milk with low pressure and he has succeeded in producing sweetened condensed milk with this tool.

Finally, right in 1884, a revolutionary discovery was made by John B Meyenberg who managed to process the sterilization of sweetened condensed milk in cans.

In Indonesia, launching the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, sweetened condensed milk has existed since 1873 and began to develop at the beginning of the 20th century, to be precise in 1922.

However, during the pre-independence period, condensed milk was consumed only by the Dutch soldiers. However, along with the establishment of a number of cattle farms in Indonesia, their consumption has begun to reach all levels of society. Now, sweetened condensed milk has been enjoyed by various circles in a popular way for the last 10 decades.

Sweetened condensed milk apple toast recipe

Based on BPOM Regulation No. 21/2016, sweetened condensed milk is a dairy product obtained by removing some of the water from a mixture of milk and sugar until it reaches a certain level of concentration.

Sweetened condensed milk is very easy to get at an affordable price. No need to bother, this one product can be found in various places such as minimarkets, supermarkets, to online stores.

To get these benefits, it can be done in various ways, for example by making a delicious and practical breakfast menu whose ingredients can be found at home. One of them is apple toast with sweetened condensed milk.

Although simple, this super simple yet delicious recipe can maintain energy needs in the morning so it is perfect for starting your busy activities until lunch time. Very practical to make at home! Well, here’s a recipe and how to make sweetened condensed milk apple toast.

Materials to be prepared:

-4 slices of white bread

-4 tbsp peanut butter

-1 apple thinly sliced

-2 tsp cinnamon powder

-ΒΌ cup granola

-2 tbsp pecans

-4 sdr honey

-sweetened condensed milk to taste

How to make:

First, prepare the materials needed. Heat a pan to bake white bread or use a toaster to make it more practical. Make sure the bread doesn’t burn.

While waiting for the white bread to turn brown, start slicing the apples thinly and evenly so as not to disturb the texture of the bread when you bite it later.

Next, take the bread that has been baked, then place it on a plate and spread sweetened condensed milk and peanut butter according to taste.

Then add the apple slices, an even sprinkle of cinnamon powder, and a generous amount of granola and pecans on top of the bread.

As an additional topping, add honey according to taste and serve before eating this delicious breakfast menu.

How, very practical to make, right? Most importantly, you don’t have to waste a lot of time and effort to make this delicious sweetened condensed milk apple toast menu. So, you don’t have to worry about your time being wasted in the morning. No more than 15 minutes to make it before the activity!

Not only pampering the tongue, sweetened condensed milk contains macronutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, and fats, as well as micronutrients, namely multivitamins and minerals.

Therefore, to always be ready with a practical breakfast, you can keep a stock of sweetened condensed milk in your home. Sweetened condensed milk comes at an economical price, is easy to get, and is available in various packages and sizes according to your needs and is easy to store, including cans, pouches and sachets.

As a reminder, don’t forget to check the condition of the packaging, expiration information, BPOM permission, along with the nutritional information listed so that you can consume this one product properly and not excessively.

Don’t forget to choose sweetened condensed milk with full cream packaging labels so that the taste of the food for breakfast is creamier. You can also try other toast recipe creations with sweetened condensed milk ingredients to make your breakfast more enjoyable!

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