So That The Engine Doesn’t Break Down Easily, Do These 3 Things For Your Oil!

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So That The Engine Doesn't Break Down Easily, Do These 3 Things For Your Oil!

Oil is an important component for vehicles so that the engine remains durable and works optimally. Oil bonds between components and helps to lubricate reducing friction that occurs within engine components.

Running out of oil makes friction on vehicle components even greater. As a result, the engine gets hot, and even has the potential to overheat, so that eventually the motor can’t be started, aka breaking down.

Well, to prevent the engine from breaking down suddenly because of the oil, here are 3 IMPORTANT things you need to do to take care of the oil and the engine.

Choose the oil according to the needs of the motorcycle engine

Launching, the use of engine oil that is not in accordance with the characteristics of the engine will result in decreased engine performance and damage to its components.

There are two types of oil sold in the market, namely engine oil for manual and sport transmission motors and oil for automatic/matic transmission motors. These two types of oil are distinguished by the JASO code (Japan Automobile Standard Organization).

There is also an SAE (Society of Automotive Engineer) code that identifies the viscosity of the oil. For motors, the SAE viscosity code is generally SAE 10W30.

Especially for automatic motors, they usually use motor oil with the code JASO MB. Meanwhile, manual and sport motor oils display the code JASO MA.

Change the oil regularly

If it hasn’t been replaced for a long time, the oil can become concentrated, making the engine performance even harder. The friction of the engine will get bigger and trigger the engine to break because it is too hot. As a result, the motor will often break down.

Motor users are advised to change the oil regularly. Ideally, the average motor oil mark should be replaced after a mileage of more than 5,000 kilometers.

Oil changes can also be based on daily mileage. For a mileage of about 20-50 km a day, an oil change should be done every one and a half months. Above 50 km a day, you should change the oil once a month.

Use high octane fuel

Still launching, fuel with a higher octane or Research Octane Number (RON) can also maintain engine performance because it can produce more complete combustion. The potential for scale build-up in the combustion chamber can be further minimized.

Not only that, citing Energy Conversion Expert from the Faculty of Engineering and Aerospace, Bandung Institute of Technology, Tri Yuswidjadjanto Zaenuri, the use of high-octane gasoline in engines with low compression has the potential to cause fuel dilution, which is mixing of oil with gasoline.

This can cause the oil to become runny and change color and aroma. As a result, the oil can not lubricate every component in the engine room perfectly.

In other words, oil is not able to protect the friction between components in the engine, so components that are not lubricated properly can be damaged.

Why does high octane fuel make the engine last longer?

For information, fuel with a high octane type is said to be able to make vehicle components last longer. Engine performance will be more awake and the mileage will be further due to a more complete combustion of the engine.

In addition, high-octane fuel also makes engine performance lighter because there is no residual combustion crust.

Technically, gasoline with a high octane rating like RON 92 is indeed more economical than gasoline with an octane rating of 88 or 90.

Moreover, the smaller the RON, the easier the liquid gasoline to burn. That way, the combustion of gasoline with an octane rating of 92 is more effective than RON 88 and 90.

Another advantage of using RON 92 gasoline is a more complete combustion, because it only burns after the gasoline comes into contact with the spark plug. This also makes the vehicle cylinders clean.

No less important, using RON 92 gasoline also makes the vehicle’s engine feel lighter because there is no crust from burning gasoline, or often called residue, that sticks around the cylinder.

In addition to providing better performance for motorcycle engines, high RON fuel also affects environmental quality because it has lower gas emission levels.

For those of you who want to get high octane fuel to maintain engine performance and make the engine last longer, now you can visit Mobil™ POM Mikro.

Mobil™ POM Mikro provides quality fuel for your vehicle with a high RON, which is 92. Technically, gasoline with a high octane rating such as RON 92 is indeed more economical than gasoline with an octane rating of 88 or 90.

Not only present as a quality fueling station, Mobil™ POM Mikro also provides motor oil inspection services, tire inspections, and changing gear sets for motorists.

For maximum engine performance, you can change your motor oil regularly with Mobil™ Oil during an oil check.

Mobil™ oil is the best motor oil that works not only to protect the engine, but also to maintain high performance throughout the life of the engine. Through a series of motor oils that use synthetic technology, regardless of the type of motorcycle, Mobil™ Oil will always be faithful to provide the best performance.

Don’t worry about your motorbike breaking down suddenly, because Mobil™ Oil is ready to protect your motorbike engine wholeheartedly. Come on, immediately switch to Mobil™ Oil for tougher performance!

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