Single Tube Washing Machines Are More Optimal In Cleaning Clothes, Really?

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Single Tube Washing Machines Are More Optimal In Cleaning Clothes, Really?

PlaugeNews – Washing clothes is quite a tiring and time-consuming job. Moreover, if you are faced with a lot of busy routines every day, both at home and at the office.

That way, the presence of a washing machine is needed to ease the work. Besides not needing extra effort, washing clothes using a washing machine can also save time.

There are various types of washing machines that you can choose from in the market, according to your needs. A single tube washing machine can be the right choice because it is more practical and effective.

Unlike a two-tub washing machine, a single-tub washing machine can wash and dry clothes in the same tub at the same time. So, you don’t have to bother transferring clothes to another tube to dry.

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However, apart from practical reasons, there are several other reasons that make a single tube washing machine the right choice for you.

Anything? Here’s the explanation.

1. Features that can be tailored to your needs

Because the way it works is completely automatic, single tub washing machines have more diverse features. The available features are also designed to match the clothes being washed.

When washing blankets or heavy clothes, for example, you just press the button to activate the special washing mode for thick fabrics. Automatically, the washing machine will adjust the spin motion and effective washing duration without damaging the fabric.

The same goes for drying clothes. The washing machine can perform the drying process automatically quickly. In fact, the duration can be adjusted according to the type of fabric and the number of clothes washed.

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Mrs. Friends also do not have to worry about smelly or moldy clothes due to the damp condition of the clothes. Reason, washing machine can keep clothes dry thoroughly.

2. Save water and electricity

Single tube washing machine can save water usage. The reason is, this type of washing machine is able to measure the volume of water needed for washing automatically. These settings can be adjusted according to the number of clothes to be washed.

Meanwhile, if you use a two-tube washing machine, you have to manually fill the water. This can make more water consumption than needed.

3. Minimizes clothing damage

A single tube washing machine can also minimize fabric damage to clothes, especially if you use a front loader washing machine.

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Reporting from the page, the front loader washing machine works vertically. Clothes are washed in an upward direction. This can reduce the risk of clothes entangling each other as the washing machine spins.

As is known, the entanglement of clothes is one of the causes of damage to fabrics after washing using a washing machine. Therefore, a front loader single tube washing machine can be a safe choice to maintain the quality of your clothes.

4. Slim design

When compared to a two-tube washing machine, a single-tube washing machine has a design that tends to be slimmer so it doesn’t take up much space.

Its minimalist size also makes this type of washing machine not require special storage space. You can place the single-tube washing machine in several corners in areas of the house, such as the kitchen or near the bathroom.

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Those are the four advantages of a single-tube washing machine that make it easier for you to wash clothes more practically and effectively.

In fact, along with technological developments, single tube washing machines now offer more and more diverse features, such as those of the Polytron 2 in 1 Washer Dryer washing machine.

To note, the Polytron 2 in 1 Washer Dryer washing machine is equipped with 100 percent optimal drying and turbo dry features. With these two features, you don’t have to worry about clothes smelling musty due to humid air.

The optimal drying and turbo dry features can dry clothes quickly and ensure clothes dry thoroughly, even in the rainy season.

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You also don’t need to be afraid of the high cost of drying, because with the inverter technology, the Polytron 2 in 1 Washer Dryer is able to optimize energy consumption so that electricity usage is more efficient.

This washing machine is able to dry clothes with a more efficient electricity cost, which is less than Rp. 800 per kg or Rp. 90 per shirt only.

Not only that, the Polytron 2 in 1 Washer Dryer is also equipped with a washing feature with steam or steam wash up to 90 degrees Celsius. This feature serves to optimize the cleanliness of clothes by killing bacteria and viruses that stick to the fabric fibers.

Polytron 2 in 1 Washer Dryer is available in three sizes or capacities that can be adjusted to your needs, namely 8 kilograms (kg) and 11 kg for one wash. The inverter technology in this washing machine can also adjust performance to the load of clothes being washed.

For more information about the features, specifications, and purchasing of the Polytron 2 in 1 Washer Dryer, you can visit the official Polytron website or the official Polytron Indonesia store at Shopee.

Optimal clean and dry laundry, even more efficient electricity costs!

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