Repel Fruit Flies With Lemon As A Natural Pesticide This Way

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Repel Fruit Flies With Lemon As A Natural Pesticide This Way

Lime is one of the popular fruits in Indonesia.

This fruit is popular because it is known for its many health benefits and is easy to process for various foods and drinks.

Increase immunity so that various diseases can be overcome if you consume lime.

However, it is still not widely known that lime can also be used as a natural pesticide, you know.

Pesticides made from lime are useful to repel fruit flies that often attack fruit or plant leaves.

For those of you who have a hobby of growing plants using hydroponic techniques, of course they often find damaged, rotten, or even dead plants.

In fact this condition can be caused by the presence of flies.

Flies that land on plant leaves will lay egg maggots that can cause damage to plants.

So how to use lime as a natural pesticide?

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According to the Cybex website of the Ministry of Agriculture, here’s how:

Materials and Tools

20 lime leaves that have been pounded

5 squeezed limes

3 tablespoons molasses

4 liters of clean water

2 scoops EM4 (active microorganisms)

If the required materials are available, Kawan Puan can proceed to the stage of making natural pesticides from lime.

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How to make

Mix the above ingredients from the crushed lime leaves to 2 tablespoons of EM4.

Mix together then stir for 4-5 minutes.

Later this mixture will become a homogeneous solution.

Next, put all the solution in a closed container and let it ferment for 4 to 5 days.

How to Apply

For the use of 2 tablespoons of this natural pesticide, the solution is mixed using 1 liter of water.

Furthermore, this natural pesticide can already be used to be sprayed on nipple-sized fruit in order to repel fruit flies.

Well, friends, those were the steps to make natural pesticides from lime.

Good luck, my friend!


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