Recently, A Number Of Cyclists Died Suddenly, Here’s An Explanation From A Cardiologist

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Recently, A Number Of Cyclists Died Suddenly, Here's An Explanation From A Cardiologist

JAKARTA – Several cyclists died suddenly while driving on the road.

Recently, a cyclist suddenly fell and died in the Sidoarjo mud embankment area, East Java on Thursday (3/3/2022).

Responding to this incident, a heart and blood vessel specialist at the Airlangga University Hospital (RSUA). dr Mochamad Yusuf SpJP(K) PhD FIHA FESC FAsCC gave an explanation.

“Speaking of someone’s death, which is sudden, especially if 1×24 hours or even 1 hour before (the person’s physical condition) is not problematic, often the one who is the scapegoat is heart disease,” he said in a virtual talk show some time ago.

Yusuf emphasized that the possible cause of death was not only limited to attacks but also heart rhythm disturbances.

He explained that lifestyle and genetic factors determine the level of individual vulnerability. The risk increases in heavy smokers, obesity, to the middle age group.

Sudden Blockage of the Heart

Yusuf said a heart attack is an event when there is a sudden blockage in the coronary vessels in the heart.

If the heart does not get enough oxygen supply, there will be pain in the chest.

This pain is also a symptom of a heart rhythm disorder.

“But there are a number of people whose numbers are very small, where they will experience heart problems without coronary (blockage of vessels). Since the beginning, there have been defects that more or less increase the risk of affected factors (blockage of vessels, coronary arteries,” said the health practitioner at Siloam Hospital Surabaya.

The condition of the victim who died while cycling indicated that the individual was actively exercising.

However, Yusuf emphasized that it does not mean that exercise exacerbates the risk of cardiovascular disease. Instead, exercise is medically recommended.

However, there must still be self-introspection.

“The concrete is like this, when I want to exercise but my blood pressure is 190 or when I have a fever, yes, don’t exercise. But when there are no complaints, the tension is good, then start with light and gradual exercise,” said this lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga (FK UNAIR).

Disorders of the heart can be minimized by not smoking and avoiding the consumption of excess cholesterol and sugar.

Regular exercise can also improve heart and blood vessel health.

For individuals who have a risk of congenital heart disease, Yusuf recommends undergoing regular check-ups.

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