Reasons Why Scanners Are Necessary To Support Work Performance In The Office

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Reasons Why Scanners Are Necessary To Support Work Performance In The Office

Scanners or scanners are really needed in the process of working in large and small offices.

Especially for business offices that handle important documents such as contracts or agreements, very personal and confidential health records (medical records), offer letters that require wet signatures and other important documents.

Because not all important letters can be involved in digital data exchange transactions, it is very important to have a scanner.

For example, an office that is engaged in processing health record data which will require further processing by a third party, such as insurance for claims, then documents originating from a clinic or hospital will require a paper file that is scanned into a digital document that has security or security code.

Therefore, having a scanner can be taken into consideration if your business is engaged in data processing because using a scanner can support collective work, for example using the HP Scanjet Pro N4000 which is intended for scanning important documents that can be done easily.

The HP Scanjet Pro N4000 is intended for mid-sized and enterprise-class business offices to process paper documents to digital quickly, is affordable, and is designed to handle everything from color to complex document work.

Especially for document processing that requires a flow of approval in the workflow. This scanner is capable of digitizing large amounts of documents quickly and reliably with scanning speeds of up to 40 ppm/80 ipm, and is accompanied by the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) feature of up to 50 pages.

If your office works in processing documents up to 4000 pages per day then this scanner can be a mainstay.

Then what documents are capable of being processed by the HP Scanjet Pro N4000?

Ranging from sheet paper, printed paper (laser and ink), perforated paper or usually archives that have punch holes in bank checks, business cards, shipping bills, carbonless forms, to plastic carrier sheets for perishable documents, previously stapled media. with staples removed, and plastic cards (up to 1.24mm thick).

Fitur canggih yang penting lainnya adalah auto-color detect, auto-crop, auto-exposure, auto orientOCR, zonal OCR, zonal barcode, edge removal, background cleanup, remove hole, color drop out, straighten the page, scan to cloud, scan to email, PDF security, misfeed detection advance setting, dan Citrix Ready.

So if your business or business office requires digital processing, the HP Scanjet Pro N4000 can be the right choice!

For more information, please visit the official HP partner in your city or click on the site:

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