Planning To Collect Women’s Jewelry? Take A Peek At These Tips To Perfect Your Collection

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Planning To Collect Women's Jewelry? Take A Peek At These Tips To Perfect Your Collection

When you see so many types of women’s jewelry out there, it’s not uncommon to want to have your own collection of diamond jewelry or gold jewelry.

As a complement to your appearance or even a symbol of personality, the collection of women’s jewelry that you have of course needs to be adjusted to your everyday style.

However, for those of you who have just started collecting or even buying your first women’s jewelry, there may be things that still make you wonder, such as what type of jewelry is right to complete your collection or how to choose it.

No need to be confused, there is an easy way that can be done, even for beginners who are just starting to collect women’s jewelry though.

Come on, just follow the tips below to start completing and perfecting your jewelry collection.

Adjust to the budget

Before buying something, the budget is generally the first thing to consider, and diamond jewelry and real gold jewelry are no exception. Women’s jewelry itself comes at different prices on the market, some are quite affordable, while not a few also offer quite high prices.

Therefore, you must know the range of budget that can be spent on your jewelry collection before starting to buy it. No need to force yourself to collect expensive ones, because there are lots of affordable women’s jewelry out there.

One of them is the Moela collection, a collection of affordable diamond jewelry from The Palace, here for you gold jewelry lovers who want to start wearing diamonds!

With a simple design, stylishyouthful and modern, you can wear a variety of diamond jewelry from the Moela collection on various occasions and mix and match with various styles of dress and will make you think, “if you can buy a lot, why buy one?”

The Moela collection presents 5 series of diamond necklaces, diamond rings and diamond earrings at affordable prices, starting from Rp. 999,000, making it the right choice to start your diamond jewelry collection journey.

The first is Bermoela, a women’s diamond ring and real diamond necklace with a simple and contemporary one-eye diamond design. The second is Kamoela, a real diamond ring with a solitaire design with a touch of fashionable twist.

There is also Trimoela, a 3-eye diamond jewelry that has a Past, Present, Future philosophy with a modern and elegant touch. Furthermore, there is Lovela who comes with a ‘Love’ accent and a touch of romantic style.

To complete this collection, there is also Modela, a diamond jewelry that combines unique, modern, and youthful designs in every variety.

Pay attention to your jewelry size

When shopping for jewelry, you also need to pay attention to the size of each type of earrings, bracelet, ring, and diamond necklace that you choose.

Large jewelry will indeed make you the center of attention, but you also need to balance your collection with smaller jewelry. What’s more, there are some jewelry sizes that are more appropriate for a particular body shape or size.

By having jewelry of various sizes, you will not only have the perfect collection, but will also have a variety of jewelry that can be used for different occasions.

For those of you who want jewelry with the right size, gold jewelry from Frank Gold presents a wide selection of women’s jewelry with unique designs that are up-to-date and fashionable according to world trends.

Frank Gold is an SNI certified 18 karat plain gold jewelry collection with premium materials and Italian designs made using Italian technology.

In addition to the Grande Ring Collection which is a trendy large gold ring to maximize your everyday style, Frank Gold also presents the Geometric Collection, which consists of a collection of 3 in 1 gold rings and gold bracelets with 5 unique and stylish designs with 3 color choices (white gold). , rose gold and yellow gold) which you can use for stacking and everyday use.

Choose one that is easy to mix and match

Having a lot of jewelry in your collection is fun. However, you still need to be careful in choosing the type of jewelry that can be included in your collection.

It is important for you to have a type of jewelry that is easy to mix and match, both with other types of jewelry, as well as with the outfits that you usually wear on a daily basis. If you choose the wrong one, some jewelry from your collection might end up unused or even look like a mess with your style.

To make it easier for you to mix and match jewelry from your collection, The Palace also presents the Stackable Ring Collection, a collection of women’s diamond rings that can be worn in a stacking style.

The Stackable Ring collection from The Palace is adapted to the latest trends that allow you to wear only one ring or two to four rings at once on your fingers without worrying about looking too much with its cute and beautiful design.

This collection consists of five sets of stackable rings in rose gold which are decorated with H-VS round diamonds and use a bright cut setting that makes the diamonds look bigger.

Determine the theme you want

After determining your budget, size, and making sure your jewelry is easy to mix and match, the next step is to decide on a theme for your collection. Themes are arguably the essential ‘foundation’ that will make it easier for you to match every line of jewelery in your collection.

Considering that women’s jewelry comes in various types, you can choose a theme for your jewelry collection in various ways, for example adjusting it to your everyday style or choosing a certain color to collect.

Well, for those of you who need to look formal on a daily basis, you can collect types of jewelry with simple designs. For those of you who like to be the center of attention, a stacked jewelry theme with colorful diamonds can be an option.

In addition, sometimes there are also those who choose to collect certain jewelry as a reminder of special moments or loved ones. If you want to have the latest collection of diamond jewelry with this theme, the Kasmaran Series from The Palace will be the right choice for you.

A collaboration between The Palace and Indonesian fashion maestro, Anne Avantie, the Kasmaran Series from The Palace comes with 4 types of diamond pendants that carry a theme full of love and full of local wisdom.

With a charming design, the four diamond pendants from the Kasmaran Series are a development of hope and prayer for couples who are in love, as a sign of protection as well as a bond of your love with him.

One piece of jewelry for each type

In a collection, of course there will be one or two kinds of jewelry that are mandatory items for you to wear everyday. However, it never hurts to have at least one piece for each type of jewelry.

In general, there are five types of appearance that must be owned by every woman, namely earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and watches.

From there, you can choose the type or design that suits your style for you to add to your collection, such as diamond studs for earrings, bangle bracelets for bracelets, heart-shaped pendants for necklaces, and statement rings for rings.

Later in addition to the five types of jewelry, you can complete your collection with more types of women’s jewelry that you like the most.

Through the various collections above, The Palace as a #NationalJeweler with 31 outlets spread across Indonesia presents a variety of quality women’s jewelry by carrying out the 3T campaign “Ther Complete, Therreach, Therjamin”.

The Palace Jeweler offers a unique and different shopping experience. With the concept of a “one stop shopping destination” jewelry mega store, The Palace provides a variety of #Thercomplete jewelry collections that can be obtained in one outlet without having to look to other jewelry outlets.

Starting from gold jewelry, zircons, diamonds from D to J colors and clarity: Flawless (F), Very Very Slightly Included (VVS), Very Slightly Included (VS), to precious stones (Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby), you can get everything. find it in The Palace Jeweler.

The Palace Jeweler also presents a collection of high quality jewelry at affordable prices for jewelry lovers in Indonesia.

Various collections of diamond jewelry at affordable prices can be obtained through the MOELA collection which is offered starting from Rp. 999 thousand. With this affordable price, The Palace Jeweler is the right choice for those of you who just want to collect gold and diamond jewelry.

Of course, the diamond and gold jewelry collection from The Palace Jeweler has also #Therjamin has the right gold content, which is 18 carat or has a gold content of 75.5%, according to international standards and Indonesian national standards, and has received SNI 13-3487 Certification. -2005 first in Indonesia.

To ensure the correct gold content in each piece of jewelry, The Palace Jeweler also provides gold grade testing services with modern and accurate tools, namely the Karatimeter, the first gold grade testing machine in Indonesia.

Together with the Moela Collection, Stackable Ring, Frank Gold, and the Kasmaran Series from The Palace, you will be able to start completing your jewelry collection to perfection.

Various collections of women’s jewelry from #ThePalaceJeweler can be found at The Palace outlets spread across various regions in Indonesia. Also visit the @thepalacejeweler Instagram account and The Palace website here for more information.

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