Pharmacy Learning Application Initiated The First Pharmacy Lecturer And Student Exchange In Indonesia

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Pharmacy Learning Application Initiated The First Pharmacy Lecturer And Student Exchange In Indonesia

JAKARTA – Learning Pharmacy Applications, Drug Apps initiates the first exchange between lecturers and students in Indonesia.

Chief Manager Operations (CMO) of Medicine Apps Saiful Robbani explained, his party initiated the mobility program “Improving Skills and Nationality with Vocational Mobility Program.”

The activity was attended by 670 participants consisting of campus leaders and pharmacy students throughout Indonesia. The Mobility program is a lecture program with the concept of exchanging lecturers and D3 Pharmacy students to various Drug Apps partner campuses.

According to Saiful, the materials presented, ranging from pharmaceutical technology, soft skills development, leadership, to integrated application-based online learning practices. The first wave of this event was attended by 12 students and 6 lecturers from 6 partner campuses spread across Indonesia.

“The program will be carried out offline in 5 cities in Indonesia, namely Yogyakarta, Sidoarjo, Banjarmasin, Pontianak and Samarinda on March 20-26, 2022,” he said, Monday (21/3/2022).

Saiful said that the program initiative was in collaboration with APDFI, the Ministry of Education, and partner campuses which were held on a mixed basis.

“This is the first student and lecturer exchange program in the health sector in Indonesia,” said Saiful.

Although carried out within a week, this mobility program carries the concept of talk shows, entertainment, group discussion forums (FGD), and community service.

“The programs designed in the first wave of mobility programs are expected to have an impact on campus accreditation instruments,” said Supomo’s Drug Apps team.

This mobility program is designed to strengthen the capacity of the research ecosystem and community service collaboration between partner campuses. However, not only that, students can also learn about local culture while participating in this program.

In addition, this program is carried out in line with the agenda of the Ministry of Education and Technology Research (Kemendikbud Ristek) related to Freedom of Learning and fulfillment of Key Performance Indicators (IKU).

“Six campuses that participated in the first wave of mobility were Muhammadiyah University Banjarmasin, Tegal, ISFI STIKES Banjarmasin, Samarinda STIKES, Mitra Sehat Academy, Sidoarjo, and the Indonesian Pharmacy Academy, Yogyakarta,” said Supomo.

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