Microsoft Launches Free Phone Service To Donate Feature For Ukraine

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Microsoft Launches Free Phone Service To Donate Feature For Ukraine

KYIV – Various innovations are being offered by Microsoft Teams to pamper its users.

As recently, the software giant has released the latest preview version of Skype.

Microsoft said the update in Skype Insider build 8.82 includes several things including bug fixes and stability improvements as well as support for purchasing credits, Skype numbers, to offers to subscribe to accounts in the Google Play Store application.

In addition to these updates, the latest version of Skype will also feature video conferencing software and Microsoft VoIP services.

With the update to this version, it is possible for users to make free calls to all regions in Ukraine.

Not only that, the service can also translate Skype users’ phone calls to and from Ukrainian.

That way they could more easily communicate with people in Volodymyr Zelensky’s country.

This was also confirmed by Microsoft, through his post quoted from Techradar. His party said that this renewal was deliberately carried out as a form of company support to help the Ukrainian people to remain able to communicate with the outside world even in the midst of the invasion.

Not only that, Microsoft has also added a list of non-profit organizations to the Skype home page.

That way, now people around the world can make donations to help Ukraine.

Microsoft has even added several Ukrainian support themed emoticons to the chat on the Skype platform, including “Heart of Ukraine”, “Ukrainian Handshake”, and “Ukrainian Prayer”.

Later the latest version of Skype Insider build 8.82 can be enjoyed after users register with Skype Insider.

Previously, Microsoft is known to have assisted President Volodymyr in fending off various cyber attacks aimed at crippling the Ukrainian economy and government system.

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