Many Don’t Realize, These 9 Bad Habits Have A Good Impact On Health

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Many Don't Realize, These 9 Bad Habits Have A Good Impact On Health

Unconsciously, we have done activities that we think have no effect on the body.

However, some habits that are unconsciously are actually good for our physical and mental health.

Among them is a bath only once a day.

Apparently, bathing too often or bathing in hot water can cause dry skin.

Dry skin in addition to ruining the appearance, can also cause itching.

Of course, we don’t want to scratch our itchy skin, especially if we’re in public or at a meeting.

Here’s a summary from BrightSide, here are nine habits that are actually good for your body and mental health

1. Chewing gum

Chewing gum while reading has many positive effects on our body.

Among them are improving memory, alertness, attention, and decision making.

A study conducted in 2003 revealed that those who chewed gum during a test performed 24 percent better on a short-term memory test and 36 percent better on a long-term memory test.

Other studies also prove, chewing gum can also reduce stress.

This happens because when chewing gum, the body will reduce the hormone cortisol, which plays a role in the development of stress reactions.

2. Play games

Playing games can actually improve the ability to learn and make decisions.

The effect is the same as when we often play chess.

Action video games with emergent peripheral images can help us to take sensory data and turn it into the best decision making and our reactions to be improved.

This is stated in a study entitled “Action Video Games Help Decision-Making” which was released by in 2010.

Not only that, real-time strategy video games such as StarCraft, Warcraft, and Age of Empires can quickly improve our brain’s ability to learn strategy and make decisions quickly.

This only happens in video games with fast gameplay and requires players to determine strategies or decisions quickly.

3. Swearing

In public life, swearing is a bad habit or thing and maybe people around you suggest getting rid of it.

However, various studies have shown that swearing can reduce stress and can help relieve frustration.

In addition, swearing can also increase pain tolerance according to a study conducted by the Keele University School of Psychology.

Swearing is an emotional release, but if we use it excessively, swearing will remove emotional attachments and turn into a bad and unnecessary habit.

4. Messy room

Since childhood, we may often hear orders to clean the room, because a messy room reflects bad behavior and undisciplined.

But actually our “messy” habits can show creativity that is hidden from within.

An experiment conducted by the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota written by Kathleen Vohs and colleagues.

The experiment puts two groups of people in a neat and tidy room.

Then both groups were told to write down as many ping pong balls as possible and write them down.

The results showed that the participants in the messy room generated more creative ideas.

However, even though it is messy, your room or room must also be cleaned to avoid germs and bacteria that actually cause disease.

5. Gossip

Although gossiping is often considered evil, gossiping with friends or friends can make relationships stronger.

A psychological study has shown that gossiping can increase bonds with close people and help make friends with them.

Apart from that, gossiping also reduces stress and anxiety levels.

A gossiping group inadvertently exchanges good social information, deters selfishness from each other, and can promote cooperation.

6. Burp

In our culture, burping is rude, especially if you do it at dinner with your family.

But burping is a normal part of our digestive process.

Burping turns out to help to get rid of gas that has gathered in the stomach and helps us to maintain a healthy stomach.

7. Take a shower

We may often bathe twice a day, when we are about to move in the morning, and in the afternoon when we are done with all day activities.

But did you know, taking frequent showers, especially using hot water, can dry out the skin and can cause wrinkles to appear.

Bathing can stop the natural skin oiling process.

Oil in the skin can make the skin softer and more radiant.

Bathing with anti-bacterial soap can also kill the good bacteria on the skin which act as natural antibiotics.

If you feel uncomfortable not taking a shower twice a day, then take a shower with cold water.

8. Take a cold shower

Taking a cold shower actually improves blood circulation, lowers uric acid levels and increases glutathione levels, the antioxidant that makes all other antioxidants work optimally.

Taking cold showers also lowers blood pressure, clears clogged arteries, and boosts the immune system.

In addition, bathing with cold water can also activate fat burning activity.

9. Using social media

Social media if used in excess will have an impact on decreasing productivity.

However, if used wisely, it can have a positive impact on life and psychological health.

Social media helps us to feel free to express and connect more with society at large.

In addition, social media can also get emotional support from our friends, and can provide inspiration for the way we view life with others.

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