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Manchester United now have to languish again after the red devils were completely helpless when humiliated at the host Brentford 0-4. In the second week of the 2002-2012 Premier League for Manchester United, this was a successive defeat in the 2002-2012 English League. Last week the Red Devils also lost 1-2 when they hosted Brighten at Old Trafford. Four Brentford goals in this match were scored by Joss Da Silva.

In the 10th minute Mathias Jensen, in the 18th minute Benny, in the 30th minute and Brian B general, in the 35th minute. This result makes you slump in the bottom position of the standings, while the Premier League is without a point while Brentford managed to move up to third place by collecting four points. Manchester United really had a really bad day. Hi rolled by Brentford at home to the result is an embarrassing record for the Red Devils this is the first time the Muffins have been at the bottom of the Premier League standings on a single match day since August 1992 aka 30 years ago. Manchester United also recorded another worrying record, the Red Devils became the team that conceded the most goals in away Premier League matches throughout 2022. Cristiano Ronaldo is believed to be playing as a starter. This is the first time that Broadcast Seven has played since the early minutes of the 2002-2003 Premier League. Nevertheless Cristiano Ronaldo disappeared from the scoreboard, he was unable to contribute to scoring goals or assists even Squa k noted that Ronaldo was only able to touch the ball in the Brentford penalty box.

In the first half the number of Touches Broadcast was seven in the 16 M area, the enemy lost a lot to the brentford band and two touches in your penalty box. Apart from Ronaldo who couldn’t contribute much, Manchester United also didn’t play well, the Red Devils had even been left behind by 02 in the first 20 minutes of pepper. At that time, Manchester United’s goal was broken after Jos Da Silva and Matias Jensen scored for Brentford. These two goals were also created because of the mistakes of Manchester United players, namely David de Gea and Christian Eriksen. David de Gea made a blunder for not being able to hold the ball perfectly when Jos Dasilva fired a low shot, then the Ya made another blunder for not being observant in seeing Christian Eriksen’s position, which was guarded by Brentford players. Therefore, when Ericsson Central held the ball the round skin could be stolen by Matthias Jensen to score. After that Manchester United again conceded two goals from Branford through the Medan Band Brian Bemo. I don’t know what happened to Erik’s team and the right so that they could become Brentford’s months until the long whistle sounded.

The score has not changed, Brandford has a landslide victory over Manchester United with a score of 4-0. Manchester United coach Erick Denhaag claimed responsibility for the 04 defeat to Branford in the second week of the Premier League. He was very surprised to see David de Gea’s goal conceded four times in just 35 minutes, not forgetting the ten rights to apologize to the fans who were present at the Brentford Community Stadium. Hard to accept for me is very surprising. When you start a game like this in 35 minutes you concede four goals The team has to take responsibility I’m really sorry to the fans they did everything to support us but we let them down according to tnh the boys didn’t show a good sense of responsibility as a team and individuals on the field. Even so, the blame did not fall on the players, instead pointing himself as the party most responsible. You have to take responsibility on the pitch both as a team and individually which we didn’t do. I ask the children to play with confidence and show responsibility for such performances.

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