LG Joins Other Companies, Suspends Shipments Of All Products To Russia

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LG Joins Other Companies, Suspends Shipments Of All Products To Russia

NEW YORK – South Korean tech giant LG will suspend all shipments of its products to Russia.

LG’s latest move comes after several companies, including other tech giants, have stopped selling or shipping their products to Russia amid the ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

LG said it would be watching the situation closely without giving a time limit on how long the halt to shipments would last.

The South Korean tech giant went on to say they are very concerned for everyone’s health and safety.

In addition, LG will continue to honor its commitment to support humanitarian relief efforts.

LG’s move comes after many companies and tech giants have declared their decision to stop selling and shipping their products in Russia.

According to a Fortune report quoted by Tech Times, Sunday (20/3/2022) LG Electronics is one of the companies that continues to operate in Russia despite ongoing conflicts and sanctions.

Previously, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as Alphabet, the parent company of Google and its various services, had suspended the sale of their ads in Russia.

Twitter and Snapchat also joined the two tech giants in temporarily halting their advertising services in Russia.

What’s more, another South Korean company, Samsung Electronics, which controls a massive 26.6 percent of the smartphone market, has suspended shipments of its products.

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