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lately this , ever experience pressure or stress ? Stress have many effect negative health for body our even until disturb activity everyday , especially if not “ treated ” or “ treated ”. Stress relate direct with various function body . Stress cause drop power stand body , pressure blood height , and disturbance digestion . Even moment stress , risk disease degenerative increases , so that more easy sick .

There are many things you can do _ for remove stress as well as make thought feel more good . But , did you know that sport can make you feel more good ? Yes , sports no only good for your body , but also can make you feel more good . Sport actually is form of physical ” stress ” on the body . Simply put , when the body has normal with activity sports , body will learn method adaptation as well as normal face stress physical . If already adapt , body can with easy withhold different loads . _

Body our have hormone called _ endorphins . endorphins produced by glands pituitary . Task hormone this is relieve pain and create _ feeling happy and comfortable . Increase Endorphin levels can reduce stress and pain , as well as increase response immune body . A studies find that sport could trigger release endorphins . So , sport trigger release endorphins , which can help you fight stress and anxiety , and beneficial for health your physique . By overall , we recommend training 34 times a week During at least 30 minutes every week .

So , next time when our currently sad or depressed , don’t think about it too long. Exercising by regularly and exercise . This will help you have healthy body and improve your mood. Following there is a number of type sports that can improve our mood and help reduce stress .

  1. Walk

Walking is one _ sport the easiest you can do . Sport this very suitable if you are new start healthy exercise . _ Repetitive leg movements During good practice _ fast or fast , helpful relieve tension muscles , calm system nerves , and improve breathing .

Also, walk relaxed or Street fast could damage your eyes . you can enjoy shady trees in the park rare that . Activity this very  pleasant if conducted together with couple , friends or even family.kick

For start , do practice this  for 10 minutes at least twice a week . Upgrade frequency and duration practice by gradually for 2-3 weeks to front . For get benefit walk , you need remove stress with Street relaxed or Street fast for 30 minutes every day .


  1. Yoga

one _ type other sports that can remove stress is yoga. This because various yoga posture using strength body and mind for reduce tension muscles and physique , and because yoga uses technique respiration in for induce response relaxation in body and is key for resolve stress . Study show that yoga can lower pressure blood , so no there is wrong  do yoga _ routine for 3,540 minutes 6 days a day . According to survey by Complementary Therapies In Medicine, yoga practitioners agree that To do practice this could increase energy , happiness , relationship social , and quality related sleep _ with stress and depression . The longer you practice yoga, the more much you will feel various benefit health from yoga. With

video tutorials, you can practice yoga alone at home , or attend yoga class for beginner with other people and a yoga coach . A number of yoga class that can chosen for reduce stress including hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa, or bikram ..


  1. Aerobics

American Association of Exercise (ACE), work same with The American Psychological Association (APA), found  that sports , especially aerobics , effective  in manage stress . Recommended for To do sport aerobics by regularly at least 5 times a week . . , induce sensation positive in body for 30 minutes at a time .


  1. Dance

Dance have many benefit physically , mentally and emotionally . Dance could increase mobility body and every movement could increase beat heart , Dancing also increases the sense of togetherness because usually conducted with other people. because of that , dance could lower level stress and increase level happiness . Dance or slang _ often called dance could increase agility body . During dance , muscles body tense and relaxed . Also, all movement dance could increase beat your heart . Dance could help remove stress . Condition this appear from contact and relationship  with other people. Try follow rhythm music with  different moves and dance _ in pairs give you a feeling work and have fun together . All this will divert your attention from your problem . Your brain will fresh come back and you will can think clear back . You can also use music with dynamic tones make spirit increase besides that can reduce Symptoms of stress are also depression .


  1. Tennis

Tennis help you knit bond with others with couple or your friend . .dot. Later , you will feel paid and proud can resolve the stress that hit you.Besides tennis , there other sports you can play with other people, like football , feather badminton , volleyball and basketball.


  1. Tai Chi

Almost similar with yoga, Tai Chi is method make body feel relax with based on movement body and use technique respiration in . Though movement this rooted in art defend self , tai chi aimed for calm mind and prepare body , and give amount big stress . palliative . Art defend self China this can also increase flexibility and strength stand body. The benefits of tai chi for health including strengthening _ density bone , lower pressure blood , strengthen system immunity body , and relieve symptom disease like fail heart , inflammation joints , and fibromyalgia.


  1. Kickboxing

For those who want remove stress and frustration on the spot work , kickboxing can Becomes nice way . _ Kickboxing involve various punches and kicks . To do Kickboxing with regular intensity _ so will increase body our in Thing flexibility , balance as well as coordination  body . A published studies _ in Journal of Physical Education , Health and Science Sport Japan find that  participants who do kickboxing by significant reduce level anxiety , depression , and anger after complete exercise .


  1. Pilates

Pilates is type other sports that can remove stress . Pilates helps reduce level stress with increase strength muscle and increase flexibility and power hold . Besides resolve stress , Pilates can also reduce painful neck and back .


  1. Sport recreation

Destination sport recreation is for sport entertainment like hair badminton , volleyball , tennis and swimming . Also, some type sport remove stress with good because no too tired and not increase adrenaline levels .


  1. Intensity interval training tall

Intensity interval training tall is type practice aerobics that combines practice intensity tall with practice intensity currently or low on time interval certain . For example , start a sprint for 2030 seconds then direct connect with walk for 6090 seconds . _ Of course only , you can adapt your practice with health your physique .

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