Kidney Abnormalities In Children Can Be Known Even While Still In The Womb

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JAKARTA – In principle, the kidneys of children and adults have the same function. Mainly produces hormones needed by the body.

For example, hormones that can regulate blood pressure, are related to the production of red blood cells, get rid of waste substances, excess fluids in the body and so on.

This activity allows the body to function properly. Therefore it is important to keep the kidneys healthy.

Signs of healthy kidneys in children are all functioning properly.

This was stated by a Pediatric Nephrologist, Prof. DR Dr. Dany Hilmanto Sp A(K). One form of maintaining kidney health is to evaluate and check kidney health regularly.

“Checking blood pressure regularly when the child is 3 years old. So if the function is good, then the child’s kidney function is considered good,” said Dr. Dany in a live Instagram, quoted on Monday (14/3/2022).

In addition, parents can see in general terms related to kidney health. This can be seen from the frequency of urination, both in number and color.

However, Dr. Dany emphasized that the most important thing is to be able to see the components of urine and its color. Microscopically, it can be seen whether the urine contains protein or blood.

“Even in the womb, routine ultrasound for pregnant women can detect kidney abnormalities in the child. So that from birth it can be treated,” said Dr. Dany added.

This can be seen if there is fluid in the kidneys. There may be a blockage under the flow of urine that flows from the kidneys to the urinary tract.

This blockage prevents the fluid from flowing properly. So that the kidneys are immersed by fluid and cause interference.

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