It’s Not Enough To Know Coffee, This Is What A Barista Must Master

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It's Not Enough To Know Coffee, This Is What A Barista Must Master

JAKARTA – Coffee is now not only seen as a drink, but has become part of people’s lifestyles.

Not surprisingly, the number of coffee shops and cafes in various areas also jumped.

According to Statista data, in 2020, the number of outlets from the top 10 coffee brands in Indonesia has reached 2,391 outlets.

This figure does not include independent shops, which are much higher in number.

The World Coffee Organization (International Coffee Organization/ICO) noted that the trend of domestic coffee consumption in Indonesia has continued to increase over the last five years.

In the 2018-2019 period, the amount of domestic coffee consumption reached 4,800 bags with a capacity of 60 kilograms, meanwhile, Indonesian coffee consumption during the 2016-2021 period is predicted to grow an average of 8.22 percent per year.

Along with the proliferation of coffee shops and cafes in Indonesia, the demand for the barista profession has also increased.

The reason is, the quality of the coffee served is strongly influenced by the skills of the barista.

As a compounder and processor, the barista has an important role in determining the level of enjoyment of the coffee served.

“Nowadays, coffee shop and cafe owners in Indonesia are also competing to select the best baristas and on the other hand, many also want this profession,” said Doddy Pancawinata, a course trainer at ZenPro in a written statement.

Doddy, who won the Indonesia Barista Championship and the Asia Barista Championship, emphasized that the barista profession will continue to be needed, don’t be afraid to dive in and work in this growing coffee business sector.

For this reason, he suggested, this prospective barista should learn not only about coffee, but also certain coffee-making techniques, maintenance of tools and machines, and even professional English and that can be learned through courses.

Well, Zenius presents a barista skill training course program through the ZenPro platform, a learning and empowerment platform for professionals.

“As one of the partners of the Pre-Employment Card Program, our courses can be accessed free of charge by participants who want to sharpen their skills or learn new skills that suit the needs of today’s real industry,” said Ary Mozta, AVP Marketing Lifelong.

Currently, his party has offered 49 training classes in 12 main categories, which are taught by Zenius master tutors, as well as practitioners and experts in their respective competencies.

“The average time needed to complete one course ranges from 6-7 hours and participants have the opportunity to learn to become professional baristas,” he said.

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