Italy Restricts Use Of Russian Anti-Virus Kaspersky In The Public Sector

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Italy Restricts Use Of Russian Anti-Virus Kaspersky In The Public Sector

ROME – The Italian government is preparing to limit the use of anti-virus software from Russia, Kaspersky in the public sector.

The move comes as the Italian government fears that Russia could hijack a program to hack into the country’s main website.

Italy’s Deputy Security Minister Franco Gabrielli said the government was working on rules for state agencies to stop using software developed by Russia-based Kaspersky Lab.

This new rule will allow the public to replace all software deemed malicious and this rule will be approved as soon as this week.

Hearing this news, Kaspersky’s office in Italy said it was still monitoring the situation. Kaspersky also expressed their concern for the company’s employees and warned of the risks of a decision based on geopolitical issues rather than technical issues.

“We hope that this attitude will not lead to the adoption of illiberal laws that will primarily affect our Italian partners, families and citizens,” Kaspersky said in a statement.

Kaspersky added, his company is managed privately with no ties to the Russian government.

The Italian Cyber ​​Security Agency said there was no evidence of this suspicion, but the agency warned to remain vigilant in order to avoid things that are not desirable.

Not only Italy, earlier this week the German Cybersecurity Agency also warned Kaspersky hardware users in the country about the serious risks posed by hacker attacks.

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