Installing Too Many Accessories Makes The Car Battery Damage Fast

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Installing Too Many Accessories Makes The Car Battery Damage Fast

JAKARTA – All electrical components in the vehicle will be able to work properly if the car battery as a source of electric current is in prime condition.

That is why, the condition of the car battery must always be maintained in a normal state in order to keep the electrical components from having problems.

Here are three habits that can cause a car battery to drain quickly.

1. Install accessories

Most people put on too many additional accessories. “The electrical load borne by the battery will also increase,” said Suparna, Head of the Auto2000 Workshop in Cilandak, South Jakarta.

“For example, installing additional lights, or other electrical components, this can obviously make the battery drain quickly,” he added.

The electric current required is more than charging this will shorten the life of the battery.

It’s best not to add too many electrical accessories.

2. Abnormal Charging System

In order for the battery to work properly it also requires a good electric charge. Abnormal battery charging will make the battery soak quickly.

“Yes, the charging system is also important to pay attention to,” he explained. The condition of the alternator that works abnormally will interfere with the electric current that is supplied to the battery.

As a result, the electric current in the car battery will quickly drain and soak.

3. Less maintenance

The third thing that is no less important is maintenance. “Battery that is not treated can make it soak up quickly,” explained Suparna.

For example, in a wet battery that is not added to the battery water. The cell part of the battery will dry so it will be damaged.

In addition, it also does not take care of the battery head from the white fungus attached.

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