How To Teach Kindness To Children Early On

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How To Teach Kindness To Children Early On

JAKARTA — Teaching kindness needs to be instilled from an early age.

This is where the role of parents is important to equip children to grow as a whole.

How to? Child and family psychologist Samanta Elsener said, for children under the age of 3 the first thing to do is to make the child feel safe and increase the child’s sense of trust in his parents, caregivers, and closest family circle.

Then, describe the emotions displayed by the child.

“If the baby suddenly cries huhuhu. Parents tell me it’s because of what the cause is, for example you are sad because you call your mother to take a long shower. Then cry because you are hungry, do you want to drink? With a funny expression,” he said in several activities last time.

Then, if the child is 1 year old, the child’s expression is more diverse, continue to express.

Provide validation of the child’s feelings verbally, such as translating the expression of the child’s emotions felt.

“We can look for the expression through the emoticon image. Study and then observe. We show the emoticon, ask the child to point it,” he said.

Samantha said, the important reason behind narrating children’s facial expressions and gestures.

“Children feel that their parents actually understand them. The process of understanding is the process of learning to grow empathy with other people and paying attention,” he said.

Then, children’s social skills can be improved by reading picture books.

For example, looking at the book there is a picture of a baby sitting. The baby sat down, then described.

“Also narrate what happened to the family. There are grandfathers, grandmothers, Mbah whatever the terms we say. Where do they come from, how long does it take to travel. To form communication from communication to children, it will absorb the goodness process,” he said.

Also always teach gratitude.

“Alhamdulillah, my son is full now. If the child laughs, well, praise God, my son is happy,” he explained.

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