How To Overcome Laziness, Strengthen Your Intentions To Give Yourself A Gift

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How To Overcome Laziness, Strengthen Your Intentions To Give Yourself A Gift

Lazing has become ‘something’ awaited for some people who work hard every day for ‘horses’.

Sometimes, to recharge at a later date, it can be done by being lazy.

However, if lazing has become a routine and hinders some work, then it will be detrimental to yourself in the future.

If you want to get out of the laziness zone, we have summarized some ways to overcome Boldsky’s laziness.

1. Strong Intentions

The first thing you have to do is be intentional and make a decision to stop being lazy.

Without a strong will and determination, you will not be able to overcome laziness.

If you wake up feeling lazy, then change that habit with the thought “I won’t be lazy all day”.

Think of it as a challenge that you spend your day doing something important and productive.

2. Make Small Goals

To prevent laziness, you don’t have to do extraordinary and great things.

Instead, you can start by setting some small goals and achieving them.

For example, setting a goal to wake up early and make the bed after waking up.

After that, you can set small goals after making the bed, such as cooking, bathing, or exercising.

When you are able to complete these small goals every day, then you will have no trouble making bigger goals, expressing love for example.

3. Self Reward

If you have achieved a small goal, you can reward yourself.

For example, if you’ve finished cleaning your room and wake up early, you can cook your favorite meal.

Or, when you’ve accomplished your big goal, at the end of the day you can reward yourself by shopping or watching your favorite movie.

4. When you feel demotivated, remember why you started

Often happens, motivation suddenly disappears in the middle of working on a goal.

If you are already at that stage, you can remember your reasons for starting the job.

Always instill in yourself that you have a goal to get out of the lazy zone.

Consistency is the key to escape from laziness.

5. Avoid procrastination

Never think of postponing a job.

Maybe, you often think “ah, just do it later”, but the “later” does not come and your work is not completed.

Maybe an advice “if you can now, why should it later” can make you excited again to escape from feeling lazy.

6. Try to get a lot of work done in a short time

So, this is another step that can help you not to be lazy.

Start with small things, for example starting from getting up, making the bed, cooking, preparing lunch, to taking a shower in a short time.

Or you can set a time limit for doing work, such as washing clothes, cooking, and cleaning the room within one hour.

If you are used to it, then you can do even more things while at the office.

7. Keep distractions away

Believe it or not, cell phones can be very distracting.

Therefore, as soon as you start working on something, it’s better that you put your phone away and avoid checking it continuously for a short period of time.

If you want to open social media, then you must be aware that there is work that you must complete first.

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