How To Detect The Characteristics Of Bad Quality Brake Pads

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How To Detect The Characteristics Of Bad Quality Brake Pads

JAKARTA – When you want to buy a used car, you need to know the characteristics of poor quality disc brake pads so as not to harm us when braking on the road.

Because, the quality of brake linings that are not good will definitely affect the braking ability of the tires when driving on the road.

This was conveyed by Davin from the Elika Automotive Performance workshop who explained that bad brake linings can make the brakes less gripping.

“When disc brakes work, they produce heat, brake linings that are not good, one of the characteristics will be less grip when the brakes are hot,” said Davin.

“The brake pad will reduce its ability to grip the disc,” he added.

Besides being felt when braking, brake linings with poor quality will usually produce dust residue that will stick to the rims or calipers.

This residue is shaped like dust, a good brake lining will not make the brake area dirty.

“Brake pads are not good and can sound quickly when they start to get dirty, this is also one of the characteristics,” explained the man whose workshop is at the Sunter Automotive Exchange (BOS), North Jakarta.

If you feel you are using brake linings that are not of good quality, it is recommended to replace them.

“It’s better to just replace the brake pads that are not good, rather than making it dangerous on the road,” said Davin.

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