How To Create WA Stickers On WhatsApp Web, Without Additional Applications

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How To Create WA Stickers On WhatsApp Web, Without Additional Applications

Making WhatsApp stickers can actually be done without using any additional applications.

WhatsApp’s Sticker Maker feature can be used to create stickers.

Users simply access WhatsApp Web at via a browser on the desktop.

Actually, this Sticker Maker feature has existed since the official release of Meta on November 24, 2021, quoted from The Verge.

However, the existence of this sticker maker is booming again.

Here’s how to make it.

How to Make a WA Sticker on WhatsApp Web

The first step, the user must first log in or login on WhatsApp web by opening the link.

The user must connect the WhatsApp account on the cellphone to the Desktop or WhatsApp Web.

The method:

Open a WhatsApp account on HP

Click the three dots icon in the top right corner

Select “Connect Devices” or “Linked Devices”;

Copy the QR code listed on the Desktop screen using a cellphone;

WhatsApp on the HP device will automatically connect to the Desktop or WhatsApp Web.

If the account is already connected to the WhatsApp web, here’s how to make WA stickers without additional applications.

1. Open the chat room that the user wants to send the sticker to (group/personal chat);

2. Click the ‘attach’ button or the paperclip icon to the left of the message type field;

3. Select the ‘Sticker’ icon;

4. Wait until the file page appears, select the photo you want to use as a sticker, then click ‘Open’;

5. Edit the image as desired.

Users can crop, zoom in, zoom out, add text or emoji;

6. If you have, click the send button, or the green icon with the right arrow.

The sticker can be saved and added to favorite stickers.

In addition, users can use the sticker again to send it to other users.

Although the sticker maker is already available on WhatsApp Web, this feature has not yet been released for users of the mobile version of the WhatsApp application on Android and iOS.

New WhatsApp Features Possible Release

WhatsApp is also rumored to be releasing a new feature in 2022.

Previously, WhatsApp complemented user security by releasing a feature that could send images or videos that automatically disappeared after being opened once.

There is also a feature that allows the user to play the recorded voice faster or slower.

Then, what features will be released in 2022?

Here are five WhatsApp features that are expected to be released in 2022, quoted from DNA India.

1. Community Features

This feature is at first glance similar to the WhatsApp group feature, but there are slight differences from the previous group feature.

Users can use this feature to create groups within a group.

The community feature makes it easy for users to split members into smaller groups or communities.

This feature enables end-to-end encrypted user messages.

2. Privacy setting feature

Apart from security features, WhatsApp also improves privacy features.

This feature allows users to hide last seen, profile photo, status, and bio of certain contacts.

Previously, WhatsApp users could view contact information via last seen or bio.

While the settings for the appearance of the profile photo can also be set to privacy or public.

The privacy settings feature helps users who wish to avoid certain users who may be uncomfortable disclosing personal information.

3. “Withdraw message” time extension feature

Previously, WhatsApp had released a feature that allowed users to withdraw messages that had been sent.

The message pull time duration is initially valid for messages sent less than one hour.

However, with this latest feature, the message pull duration will be extended to seven days.

Users who want to withdraw messages after an hour of sending messages, can use this feature

The benefit of this feature is that it gives the sender more time to think before retracting the message.

4. Message reaction feature

Message reactions are responses that users give to other users.

An example of a message reaction can be found in the Instagram application, which allows users to react to emoticons on someone’s story.

The WhatsApp app will release this feature in 2022.

So that users can increase their creativity to react to emoticons on someone’s messages.

In addition, users may also be able to check who has reacted to a WhatsApp story through the tab feature.

5. Photo editing features

The photo editing feature makes it easy for users to edit photos via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp can be used to crop, filter, or change the position of photos through this feature.

Users don’t have to bother with editing photos using a separate application, and can do it directly via WhatsApp web.

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