Forget WhatsApp, Telegram Becomes Ukraine’s Mainstay To Send Information Amid Invasion

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Forget WhatsApp, Telegram Becomes Ukraine's Mainstay To Send Information Amid Invasion

KIYV – The presence of Telegram as a communication platform, slowly began to shift the charm of WhatsApp.

Especially after Mark Zuckerberg changed the privacy policy on this platform. Some countries, including Ukraine, are now starting to use Telegram as a means of communication.

The escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine has made Telegram appear as a place of communication as well as an unfiltered source of news for Ukrainian citizens.

Unlike its competitors, even though Telegram offers free access for its users. However, this cloud-based instant messaging application, still pays attention to the security of its users’ messages. Such as presenting channel features or channels that can be set to public or private.

Recently, Telegram has been used by Ukrainian people who fled to several neighboring countries, to find out the current conditions in their country of origin.

“Telegram has become my main news source. Like the maternity ward bombing in Mariupol. Even before it became news, you saw videos on Telegram channels,” said Artem Kliuchnikov, a Ukrainian national who fled to France.

Not only Ukrainians are actively using Telegram. Even field journalists, aid workers, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy are known to also rely on this one platform to broadcast information on the Telegram channel.

Launching from the NPR page, the advantages of Telegram, which can regulate private or public access when sharing photo and video feeds, have stolen the attention of Ukrainian citizens. In addition, there is no member limit in a group, which has made one Telegram channel able to accommodate hundreds to thousands of users.

Although these advantages make it easier for users to access communication, a number of experts are worried about Telegram’s weak security because it doesn’t have an end-to-end encryption system.

“There is a significant risk that an internal threat or hacking of the Telegram system could expose all these conversations to the Russian government,” said Eva Galperin, director of cybersecurity at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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