Expansion Into Crypto Industry, Meta Releases 8 Apps For Its Newest Trademark

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Expansion Into Crypto Industry, Meta Releases 8 Apps For Its Newest Trademark

CALIFORNIA – The rumors surrounding Meta joining the crypto industry are true.

This was known after the Chief Executive Officer of Meta Platforms Inc., Mark Zuckerberg officially submitted his 8 newest trademarks connected to the cryptocurrency blockchain.

The news was also confirmed by US trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis. Through a tweet on his Twitter account, Wednesday (23/3/2022).

Mike explained that Meta Platform has applied for eight trademarks for several applications in the digital asset space especially in cryptocurrencies.

The eight trademarks are known to have been filed by Zuckerberg with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, also known as the USPTO, on Friday (18/3/2022).

Not only cryptocurrency tokens will become the new trademark of the Meta Platform.

Launching from the Decrypt site, Zuckerberg will also release several applications related to blockchain software, virtual currency exchanges, and digital wallets.

The release of these eight cryptocurrency blockchain trademarks is in line with Meta’s intention to expand in the Metaverse world.

Later, one of these applications can be used by Meta’s subsidiary, Instagram to be able to print their digital avatar clothes as NFT.

Even the new application can also allow Instagram and Facebook users to be able to produce non-fungible tokens and conduct NFT buying and selling transactions.

Although the eight applications have not been officially released to the public. However, with the presence of these eight applications, it is hoped that it can provide a new and different experience for its users.

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