Early Detection Is Highly Recommended To Handle Health Problems Faster

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Early Detection Is Highly Recommended To Handle Health Problems Faster

JAKARTA – Early detection of health is the most important point so that people are always healthy and optimal in carrying out daily activities.

At the ‘Indonesia Wellness & Health Tourism Expo 2022’ which was held at one of the well-known shopping centers in the capital, Siloam Hospitals through the Siloam Semanggi Hospital/MRCCC unit, Siloam Hospital Kebon Jeruk, Siloam Hospitals TB Simatupang and Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village , reminding education about the importance of early detection of health.

“Early detection steps also determine preventive measures. Early detection includes completing a tourist trip as an anticipation which will be closely related to treatment, treatment and even the rate of recovery,” said dr. Pectra Wahjoepramono Sp.BS, B.med.Sci(Hons) FICS, from Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village at the Health Tourism Expo in Jakarta, Saturday (12/03/2022).

Dr. Pectra gave an example, Aneurysm (aneurysm) which is known as swelling and weakness in the brain and ‘abnormalities’ in the brain (data) is found in 5 percent of humans.

“If an aneurysm ruptures, it can cause internal bleeding, stroke and fatally often lead to death,” he said.

He explained, for early detection of brain and heart organs, Siloam Hospitals has prepared a ‘Brain Check Up Plus’ service which examines the head and heart and all related functions, including for tourists in the scope of health tourism.

On the same occasion, a heart specialist doctor, I Made Sakta Suryaguna from Siloam Hospital Tb. Simatupang explained about Sport Cardiology.

“When doing physical activity or exercising, the human body, body and organs will respond with two possibilities, an adaptive response and a maladaptive response,” said Dr. Made Sakta.

Adaptive response, namely the dimensions of the heart will be larger, the blood pump and ‘electricity’ of the heart increase and a number of blood vessels accommodate increased activity which of course reduces the risk of heart attack.

He explained that maladaptive responses actually occur due to excessive activity or the type of exercise that is not suitable.

Another factor because of the risk of disease causing. Imbalance of blood flow and pressure or even sudden cardiac arrest which can be caused by genetics, valve disorders or so on.

“It is important to do periodic checks before we do physical activities,” added doctor Made Sakta.

Doctor I Made Sakta also reminded the public to understand the ‘Do&Don’t’ on a number of risk factors, which can be changed or modified or cannot be changed, such as gender and genetics.

“But something that is important and can be changed is lack of activity, a sense of laziness as a trigger for complaints,” he explained.

The Role of Technology in the Scope of Health Tourism

Related to the importance of early detection, dr. Hapsari Indrawati Sp.KN(K) , Nuclear Medicine specialist and Consultant from Siloam Semanggi Hospital/ MRCCC revealed cancer treatment techniques through MRI, PET, CT technology to the previous technology through X Ray.

“The data show a significant increase in cancer patients worldwide. For men, ‘Prostate Cancer’ and for women ‘Breast Cancer’ are still with the highest presentations,” he said.

He said, there is a uniqueness in the character of each cancer, like fingerprints in humans. “In examination, therapy, determining the result is a ‘must’ which in the treatment of cancer patients will definitely involve a team such as chemotherapy, (often have side effects), radiation and even surgery (surgery),” said dr. Hapsari Indrawati Sp.KN(K).

Dr. Hapsari explained, in diagnosing radiological cancer to get the current ‘shape’, there have been ‘improvements’ in technology in analyzing more images.

“There is the application of radioactive substances or open radiation energy from nuclear nuclei in assessing and analyzing functions, diagnosing and treating diseases by scanning,” he said.

In nuclear particle scanning, the results are known as CT which will get the shape and PET which will analyze the function and PETCT which will combine the image of the form and function as a whole to make the best diagnosis.

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