Don’t Be Fooled, Check Out How To Distinguish Original And Fake Hermes Bags

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Don't Be Fooled, Check Out How To Distinguish Original And Fake Hermes Bags

JAKARTA – Currently, there are many socialites who like to collect luxury bags, whether it’s just to fulfill their shopping and investment desires.

There are so many luxury handbag brands that offer various premium and limited collections, of course at quite fantastic prices.

But for socialites, especially women, collecting luxury bags is not only a part of their lifestyle, but also a prestige and gives satisfaction.

Then how do you choose an authentic (authentic) luxury bag so you don’t get fooled by ‘fake goods’?

Entrepreneur and luxury bag collector, Dr Rininta Christabella gives a series of tips in choosing the original bag.

He mentioned one of the world’s leading brands that has so many collections of luxury goods, namely Hermes.

1. Recognize the smell of the material

He explained that the first thing that can be identified is through the smell of the bag collection material to be purchased, because Hermes has a very distinctive smell.

“This is the original, the easiest example is the smell,” said Dr Bella, in the Exclusive Talk Show & Live Top Investment 2022 & How To Know Fake vs Authentic, Friday (18/3/2022).

2. The fake Hermes logo looks untidy

Furthermore, the difference that can be seen from the original collection with the fake is related to the neatness of the logo.

“Then Hermes made a very clean, neat, and neat logo. If the fake one is a little less tidy, yes,” explained Dr. Bella.

As a luxury bag collector, Dr. Bella also admits that currently fake luxury bag manufacturers are getting smarter in dealing with fake products so that they have a near perfect resemblance to the original product.

But he emphasized that collectors should not be less intelligent than the manufacturers of fake luxury goods.

So according to him, accuracy in seeing the material and design details of a luxury product, including luxury bags is very necessary.

Especially because not a little money is spent to have these luxury items.

“It’s just that it’s back again, right now (manufacturers and sellers of fake luxury bags) are getting smarter, so we have to be smarter, be very careful at a glance,” said Dr Bella.

3. Examine the seams and dustbag material

He further added that the difference between fake and original Hermes bags can also be seen from the dustbag and box for the packaging.

On fake Hermes dustbags, the stitching will look rough and the logo will look faded.

This is certainly different from the dustbag material for the original collection.

“The difference between an authentic bag and a fake one depends on the type of KW. First, from the dustbag, the two boxes. If the dustbag for the fake one is really good, the logo is slightly faded, then you can feel the rough seams. If the bag is authentic, the stitches are neat and the dustbag is clean. the material is smooth, “said Dr. Bella.

4. Original Hermes, has a hologram on the box that can only be seen through ultraviolet light

For the box, you will see the difference from the hologram which only exists on the original product box.

“Second, the box is a different color. If we have UV (ultraviolet) light at home, that is if the original has a Hermes hologram, if the fake one doesn’t have a Hermes hologram, “said dr. Bella.

Then for the logo, Dr. Bella explained in more detail that the original Hermes logo looked neat and proportional and not messy.

This indicates that the collection is specially designed and special because of its high selling value.

However, if the buyer is not careful, then they can be fooled by the authenticity of the luxury bag product, only by looking at the logo.

“Thirdly, the logo on the inside of the bag, on the outside, the original one is neat, not too fat, and not smudged. The fake one is a little smudged, even though it’s almost perfect,” said Dr Bella.

5. Pay attention to the number of stitches

Another feature that shows the difference between a genuine Hermes bag and a fake is the number of stitches.

The fake Hermes bag has a random number of double stitches, it can be 1 or 3.

Unlike the original Hermes Birkin size 25 which only has a total of 2 double stitches.

“The fourth (characteristic) is the number of stitches. If what we compare is the Hermes Birkin size 25, it consists of 5 stitches for the fake bag. If the original one is only 2 stitches which are doubled on the handle, if the fake is random can be 1, can be 3, “explained dr. Bella.

While the original Hermes Birkin size 30 has a total of 3 double stitches near the handle.

However, Dr Bella again emphasized that the longer the manufacturers of these fake luxury bags could be smarter in studying the details of luxury bag products from the Hermes brand.

“Only for stitches, be careful because over time the fake ones will also learn how to sew the real ones,” said Dr Bella.

So, he reminded the buyers and collectors of luxury bags like Hermes to be ‘smart’ in recognizing the targeted product through its very distinctive smell of leather material, without any chemical or plastic odors.

“Then the smell is the most important thing. If the original Hermes bag smells really like a Hermes bag, it smells like a leather bag, there is no plastic smell, no chemical smell. If it’s fake, you can really feel it it smells different’, “said Dr. Bella.

dr Bella again mentions that one of the characteristics that indicate the authenticity of the Hermes luxury bag product purchased is the receipt.

“For receipts, I explained, mostly 1 Hermes bag will come out with 1 original receipt. So if it’s copied or for some reason, it can be authenticated again, because usually from Hermes 1 bag 1 receipt. Coming usually without receipt or copy for no apparent reason clear,” said Dr. Bella.

Another characteristic that he mentioned is the detailed handle shape for the original Hermes bag, which is specially designed and fits perfectly into the hand, doesn’t feel stiff.

“(However) for the fake, the handle is stiff, a bit high. The buckle is normal, not smooth, it can be rotated if it’s fake, it just comes back again depending on the quality of the fake,” concluded Dr Bella.

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