Doing Activities With Your Little One Outside The Home, Check Out Tips For Buying A Stroller So You Don’t Just Choose

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Doing Activities With Your Little One Outside The Home, Check Out Tips For Buying A Stroller So You Don't Just Choose

JAKARTA – Many countries have decided to live side by side with Covid-19, including Indonesia.

It’s no wonder that currently many families have decided to return to recreation with the discipline of implementing health protocols such as using masks and washing hands.

If you have a baby, a stroller or stroller makes it easier for parents to take their little ones out of town or just to malls, parks, open spaces, or have fun culinary delights.

“Parents can also be calmer when doing activities together,” said the representative of the official distributor of Joie Signature in Indonesia Erwin L who was present at the Drifting event with Joie Signature SMA Baggy 4 WD Drift, at MBFair, Kota Kasablanka (19/3/2021).

When buying a stroller, parents don’t just choose.

Here are some tips for choosing a stroller:

1. Adjust to Lifestyle

The stroller has the most innovative features and is easy to carry everywhere because it is lightweight.

For example, the Joiei Signature Sma Baggi 4 WD Drift stroller which was officially launched.

This stroller can be considered because it weighs only 5.8 kg, is made of aluminum and is lightweight. So easy to carry anywhere.

2. Have Security Features

Make sure the stroller you buy has good safety features and is easy to use.

The safety of the baby is increasingly maintained with the 5-point safety belt feature that is soft in the shape of a cocoon. In addition, this stroller has a Link Brake System making it easier to do braking.

3. Comfortable for Newborns

The stroller can be used from newborns to 3 years of age. Made of soft material, feels cool to the touch, so you can be sure your baby will feel more comfortable.

Comfort can also be seen from the position of the backrest that can be adjusted according to your little one’s mood, from sitting to lying down.

4. Multifunction

Parents should also consider a multifunctional stroller

For example, it is also equipped with a window hood at the back, so parents can still keep an eye on the baby when the canopy is closed.

There is also a large enough basket that can be used to carry various baby items while traveling.

5. Can Face Two Ways

Like having 4 360-degree wheels that can be adjusted automatically according to the position of the pusher handle.

The stroller handle can also be turned back and forth so that the baby’s position can face forward or to the pusher.

In addition, when the parental handle is moved to face the baby, the rear wheels activate swivel mode and the front wheels automatically lock in one direction and vice versa.

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