Do This If You Want To Prevent Pimples From Appearing On Your Facial Skin

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Do This If You Want To Prevent Pimples From Appearing On Your Facial Skin

Beruntusan is one of the skin problems that are often experienced by women.

Bumps will usually appear on areas of the skin that are prone to sweating due to hot and humid weather.

But apart from that, other causes of acne can also be caused by beauty products that are not suitable for our skin.

Beruntus itself is usually characterized by the appearance of small bumps on the face and reddened skin.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to prevent breakouts on the skin, let’s have a look!

1. Choose a sunscreen with the right SPF

Launching from , breakouts can also be caused by hot weather, therefore you need to protect your skin by choosing the right sunscreen.

In addition, sunscreen must also provide protection against UVA and UVB rays. It is also important for you to apply the sunscreen regularly and regularly.

Skin specialist dr. Justine Kluk, sunscreen can minimize the risk of skin breaking out and causing breakouts.

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2. Protect your skin with a hat when you leave the house

To maximize the prevention of acne breakouts, apart from wearing sunscreen, you can also protect your skin with long sleeves or a hat when you leave the house.

Dr. Kluk recommends that you wear a hat that can protect your skin and the sun and reduce the risk of breakouts, such as a bucket hat.

Even so, quoted from the Mayo Clinic, you should also avoid wearing tight clothing that can irritate the skin.

3. Wear loose clothing

The next way to prevent acne is to wear loose clothing to prevent skin irritation.

Also avoid overdressing, for example by piling clothes, especially in hot weather.

On the other hand, you can prevent this skin problem by wearing clothes made of soft fabric and made of cotton.

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4. Avoid sweating too much

Because the main cause of breakouts is sweat which can clog pores, then you can try to avoid activities that cause sweaty skin.

When the weather is hot, Kawan Puan should be in an area with air conditioning or an area that is not hot and exposed to direct sunlight.

5. Keep the ambient room temperature

Furthermore, to prevent the skin from sweating too much, you can maintain the temperature of the surrounding room, especially the temperature of the bedroom.

Make sure your sleeping area is cool and has good ventilation, so your skin can still breathe properly.

Well, those are some ways to prevent breakouts on the skin that you should know so you don’t experience this skin problem.

In addition to some of the ways mentioned, of course you also have to maintain cleanliness by regularly changing clothes and bathing, yes.

Thus, you can prevent the pores on the skin from being clogged and reduce the risk of breakouts. (*)

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