Cristiano Ronaldo and Erick Ten Hag News

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In Manchester, the heated relationship between Erick Ten Hag and Cristiano Ronaldo seems to have subsided a bit, it happened after the two had discussed CR7’s attitude towards the match against Tottenham some time ago and the atmosphere was clearly visible when the 37-year-old player. old brought back for more training with the first team. From there, Ronaldo seemed to show respect to his colleagues and was seen sharing then sharing rights as if amazed and relieved to see the Mega star finally finding his smile again.
After going through various polemics, finally Cristiano Ronaldo was allowed to train with the first team, of course Ronaldo could not waste this opportunity to show that he was very professional, more than that he also showed how to respect his colleagues. every time in the training session before the match against Sherif, Ronaldo seemed to enjoy and often shared a laugh with his teammates who also seemed very understanding of the Mega Star’s inner state, who then made a small smile as a sign that he too was happy that CR7 had found him again. her smile again.
On the other hand, Erick Ten Hag himself admitted that he actually still needed Ronaldo in the team, although yes we all know that CR7’s playing time is very limited but Erick Ten Hag seems to have his own plans for that I rely on Cristiano Ronaldo for the rest of this season Cristiano remains as a player important part of the squad and once again I’m counting on him for this season,” said Ten Hag.
The return of Ronaldo itself certainly makes Erick Ten Hag now have more choices considering the performances of Sancho and Rashford, but even though everything has now reconciled, it does not mean that rumors of Ronaldo’s departure in January immediately died down because the Chelsea owner is known to be still desperate to be able to land CR7 to London and as reported by the Daily Mail that tot bohli is known to have good relations with Jorge Mendes as Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent. Therefore, anything is possible because in football, again, nothing is impossible.

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