Benefits Of Coffee For Hair, Promotes Growth To Increase Blood Circulation To The Scalp

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Benefits Of Coffee For Hair, Promotes Growth To Increase Blood Circulation To The Scalp

Not only delicious to drink, coffee also has benefits for beauty and health.

One of the benefits of coffee is that it can support the health of your hair.

Did you know that using coffee for hair can encourage faster hair growth.

Not only that, coffee can also make hair strong and shiny.

The hormone DHT or dihydrotestosterone in the body can weaken hair follicles and cause a decrease in hair production which then causes hair loss.

However, according to the American National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), coffee can directly activate cells in hair follicles by releasing ATP.

ATP is a molecule that carries energy between cells.

ATP can also combat DHT, thereby reducing hair loss and making your hair stronger.

The use of coffee for hair is by applying it in the form of a hair mask.

Reporting from Healthshots, the following are the benefits of coffee for hair health and beauty.

1. Promotes hair growth and fights hair loss

According to NCBI research, DHT makes hair follicles shrink.

Coffee can fight this shrinkage while stimulating hair follicles.

Coffee also promotes faster hair growth and can prevent hair loss.

2. Improve hair texture

Not only makes hair stronger, coffee can also improve hair quality and make hair shinier and softer.

This is due to the flavonoid content in coffee which can fight dull and dry skin.

3. Improve blood circulation to the scalp

When applied to the scalp, coffee can improve blood circulation.

It can transfer nutrients to the hair roots.

As a result, hair grows faster and becomes thicker.

4. Scalp detoxification

Using coffee can help detoxify the scalp.

Coffee can treat brittleness and dandruff to balance the pH level.

How to Use Coffee for Hair Health

There are several ways to use coffee in your hair.

Here’s how:

1. First step

Curl your hair as usual

2. The second step

Add four tablespoons of brewed coffee to the bowl.

Next add four cups of boiled water (room temperature) into the coffee.

Mix evenly.

For extra conditioning, you can add egg yolks (optional)

3. Third step

Apply coffee to the scalp and massage thoroughly.

After that, smooth the coffee mask all over your hair to the ends.

4. Fourth step

Wrap your hair in a towel and leave it on for 30-40 minutes.

5. The fifth step

Rinse your hair with warm water and then dry as usual.

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