Before Proposing To A Girlfriend Using An Engagement Ring, These 5 Important Things Must Be Discussed First

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Before Proposing To A Girlfriend Using An Engagement Ring, These 5 Important Things Must Be Discussed First

Do you want to give your lover a diamond engagement ring and propose to her at the same time? Hmmm.. how romantic! But, have you discussed important things with him before moving on to a more serious relationship level?

Moreover, giving an engagement ring is a symbol that you are serious about asking him to be a partner for life and death.

So, before asking him to step into a more serious relationship, there are things that should at least be discussed first, you know.

Quoting Insider, marriage therapist named Landis Bejar, who is also the founder of AisleTalk, said 5 things to talk about with your partner before giving an engagement ring. Here he is!

1) Children and parenting

It’s not just a matter of wanting to have a baby or how many children they will have. But also about parenting, namely how to educate children in the future.

“You and your partner should often talk about ‘how many (children)? What is your view on parenting? How to educate children later? What was your relationship with your parents like?’” Bejar said.

2) Financial problems

Although there are still many who see it as a sensitive thing, as a couple who wants to be serious, you and your partner must start to open up about finances.

Will you and your boyfriend’s finances be combined when you are married? How does your style manage your income and his? Who will be in control of the finances? These things should be discussed before building a household, you know!

“People really don’t like talking about money. Money has become a very, very taboo subject to talk about. But this must be, to overcome the problems that may occur in the future, “said Bejar.

3) Opportunity to interfere with each other’s parents

Bejar also recommends in-depth talks with your partner about each other’s families. This is to see opportunities for parental interference in your married life later.

“You are a child of parents who will become parents to your own family. Not to mention that later there will be dramas about the interference of parents or in-laws. You have to know how your partner sees this issue, so that in the future, they will have the same view,” said Bejar.

4) Talking about habits

Discussing culture and customs is also very important so that both you and your partner are not surprised when you get married, for example, what are your habits at home, what are the morning rituals that your family often does, to what culture is often done on holidays.

“Because you want to combine two people from different families, you have to talk about this with your partner. What is the culture or habit, and choose what is acceptable and not acceptable when you get married later,” he explained.

5) Agree that relationships are not all about sex

Perhaps many psychologists say that sex is one of the keys to a successful marriage. But relationships aren’t all about sex.

If you can accept that there are more crucial things to maintain in a household than sex, you are ready to face the complex and complex twists and turns of a marriage.

Knowing 5 things to talk about with your boyfriend before proposing to him with an engagement ring will make you sure your relationship is ready to take it to a more serious level.

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