Avoid Using Neutral Transmission When Trucks Drive Downhill, Here’s Why

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Avoid Using Neutral Transmission When Trucks Drive Downhill, Here's Why

JAKARTA – Lately, many accidents have occurred due to trucks that have failed brakes, especially on downhill roads, which can cause a lot of damage.

UD Truck Product Management, Catur Satyawira, said that choosing the use of transmission for truck control is very important.

Chess says, when going downhill, use the same gear as when going uphill and combine it with an additional brake (Exahust Brake) to ensure safety during driving.

“If the vehicle is still going too fast, use the foot brake and maintain a safe speed at all times,” he explained to , Wednesday (9/2/2022).

The driver should not go downhill with the gearbox in neutral, make sure to be careful on the way down so that the engine does not overrun.

“For a neutral transmission, it is not allowed to be used for downhill roads, especially when it is loaded,” said Catur.

Lastly, the red zone on the tachometer indicates the overrun speed range, so make sure that the indicator does not enter the red zone.

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