Apple Will Eliminate Notch Design On IPhone 14 Screen

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Apple Will Eliminate Notch Design On IPhone 14 Screen

JAKARTA – Apple is rumored to be eliminating the notch on the iPhone 14 Series screen. This news comes from an Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Quoting from The Verge website page on Monday (21/3/2022), Kuo predicts that Apple will eliminate the notch design on the iPhone 14 Series screen.

Instead, Apple will present a smaller punch-hole camera design for the iPhone 14 Pro model. according to Kuo, the punch-hole on the iPhone 14 Pro screen is different from other smartphones.

The punch-hole is said to have a small circle for the front camera that is shaped like a pill to accommodate Face ID technology.

The pill-shaped cutout will hold the front camera and face id. While the hole is believed to be a face id point projector. Meanwhile according to a MacRumors report the hole-and-pill design is depicted in a pro render.

In addition, leading analyst Mark Gurman of Bloomberg also hinted at removing the notch in the September issue of the Power On newsletter, where he predicted a complete redesign for the iPhone 14.

The notch itself is home to the components that make Face ID work, which means Apple may need to downplay all that technology to make a notch-free iPhone possible.

The rumored iPhone 14 hole and pill display appeared in the schematic on Chinese social media site Weibo, and was later shared on Youtube by leaker Jon Prosser.

While you won’t know what the iPhone’s design will look like until it’s revealed, the schematic offers a glimpse of what the next iPhone will look like. Prosser also said the iPhone 14 Pro will use titanium alloy material, replacing stainless steel.

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