Apple Pay And Google Pay Blocked, Russia To Launch Gazprom Pay Digital Wallet

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Apple Pay And Google Pay Blocked, Russia To Launch Gazprom Pay Digital Wallet

MOSCOW – President Vladimir Putin is increasingly showing his country’s independence by launching a digital wallet called Gazprom Pay. Now with this service Russian citizens can make fast, convenient and secure payments from any bank card when shopping in online stores.

The presence of this digital wallet is an answer, after previously digital payment platforms such as Apple Pay and Google Pay blocked access to their services for the Russian public.

Created by the banking service Gazprombank, later Gazprom Pay can only be enjoyed by the Russian public after its inaugural launch on Wednesday (22/3/2022).

The way this service works is the same as any other digital wallet. Where users only need to link their smart phone device with the bank card they have.

Even to attract people’s interest, Gazprom Pay will provide cashback options or a refund of up to 5 percent for every purchase using this service.

“In an instant way, users can use virtual cards to make purchases at online stores with profitable cashback options,” said a representative of the service developer.

In addition to serving digital payments, Gazprom Pay is also designed to help the activities of the Russian people who want to invest safely and comfortably. The release of this service, in line with the green light from President Putin.

Where it gives permission for all its banking services that want to operate or issue digital financial assets and their exchange services. Putin hopes that with easy access to payments for its citizens, it can boost the pace of the Russian economy amid western sanctions.

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