Android Auto Update Can Detect USB Cable Damage And Other Problems

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Android Auto Update Can Detect USB Cable Damage And Other Problems

NEW YORK – A broken USB cable is causing major problems for anyone trying to use a wired connection between their phone and their car, but the latest Android Auto update is trying to mitigate the problem.

Reporting from Digital Trends, Friday (18/3/2022), with the update 7.5.121104, Android Auto can run diagnostic checks on any cable connected to the Android device.

This can drastically reduce the number of connection problems that users experience when using a wired connection, as they can find out what problems they are experiencing related to their cables.

Until recently, it was difficult to know for sure if the USB cable was faulty right then and there, but the diagnostic tests that Android Auto can run will instantly tell users if their phone is sending/receiving data via the cable correctly.

The USB diagnostics feature isn’t rolling out for everyone yet as Esper Mishaal Rahman pointed out on Twitter, however, it looks set to be implemented across all devices in the coming weeks.

Those who are interested to see if the feature is included in the app, they should check under Connection Help menu in Android Auto settings.

After checking their hardware, some users may be surprised to see they are using a sub-optimal cable to connect their phone to the car.

For best results, Google recommends that device owners use the USB cable that came with their phone when purchased.

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