7 Tips To Maximize Online Business On E-commerce Platforms

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7 Tips To Maximize Online Business On E-commerce Platforms

JAKARTA – Many opportunities are offered by e-commerce to help develop a business, for aspiring entrepreneurs, or for offline sellers who own physical stores and have never sold online.

In order for sellers to maximize the potential of the e-commerce platform, a number of tips were shared by 12 female entrepreneurs who won the 2022 Lazada Forward Women Awards.

1. Use social media

In building a customer base and driving online store visits, social media is a powerful platform for sellers to bring their brand and product stories to life.

Through social media, a brand has the potential to reach up to millions of customers, and can help build a loyal following base at the same time.

The key to success on social media is to make it a driving force for online store visits by delivering engaging, customer-engaging content.

2. Use livestreaming

To educate consumers about the products being sold, it is better to use live streaming on the eCommerce platform. This marketing tool is effective for reaching the audience instantly.

In just a few minutes, the seller can grab the attention of the audience by sharing interesting and entertaining information about the brand and its products, providing a ‘live’ experience for the audience, much like the experience in a physical store.

3. Respond to retail trends

This can be done quickly to drive sales in eCommerce, businesses that can identify opportunities, adapt and capitalize on consumer trends can diversify and increase their sales revenue, as well as their customer experience.

The pandemic has changed the businesses, jobs and livelihoods of many people. But staying up to date with the latest retail trends and keeping an open mind in trying out new approaches and trends can help grow your business.

4. Take advantage of mega campaigns to drive sales

Mega campaigns like 11.11 and 12.12 are important time periods in the
eCommerce world.

Mega campaigns were created to drive sales, increase revenue for entrepreneurs, and offer customers access to many amazing deals and products.

More than 800,000 brands and sellers participated in Lazada’s 11.11 Shopping Festival last year or more than doubled compared to the previous year.

5. Integrate the brand experience in offline and online channels

With more customers shopping in physical stores amid easing of
activity restrictions in light of pandemic containment efforts, many businesses are strengthening their omnichannel retail approach to attract customers from both online and offline channels.

However, it is important to ensure that the brand experience remains the same across all touchpoints in the customer journey, as this drives brand recall and loyalty.

6. Make decisions based on data from analysis on seller dashboard

Data is an important part of a business as the key to knowing what works, and what doesn’t.

By using data-based insights and success indicators, sellers can better understand the buying behavior of customers, so they can make decisions that can drive more sales.

7. Experiment with vouchers, discounts, and free shipping to drive conversions

Customers in Southeast Asia love discounts, so offering customers lots of discounts will go a long way in building loyalty in the long run.

Vouchers, discounts, and free shipping are some of the ways sellers can retain customers and attract new customers.

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