5 Tips To Not Easily Feel Hungry: Prioritize Protein To Consumption Of High-Fiber Foods

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5 Tips To Not Easily Feel Hungry: Prioritize Protein To Consumption Of High-Fiber Foods

Living a healthy life is not an easy thing.

Often when we live a healthy life by maintaining a healthy diet, the temptation to eat snacks or drink unhealthy drinks comes.

Feelings of hunger also often come for those who are maintaining a diet.

In fact, this hunger can come because we do not eat the right types of food so that it is difficult for the stomach to feel full.

Quoted from popsugar.com, Marci Nevin, who is a fitness and lifestyle trainer, uploaded some suggestions on the types of food that should be consumed to suppress hunger through her Instagram account, @marcinevin.

There are several options for food tips that we can consume so that we don’t feel hungry often.

1. Prioritize protein

First, you can aim to consume about 0.8 to 1.5 grams of lean protein per 0.45 kg of body weight.

Allocate at least 20-30 percent protein from the servings a day.

You can eat lean protein such as fish, tofu, or eggs.

Protein provides energy for the body and burns more calories when digested.

In addition, protein also keeps us feeling full longer.

2. Eat large portions but rarely

What this means is that you can eat large portions but infrequently to satisfy your hunger.

Spacing between large meals every five hours.

This routine will make you think less about food.

When you get used to eating small but frequent meals, your body will expect food every few hours.

3. Include healthy fats

Feeling full longer can occur when we eat fat, because fat is processed more slowly.

You can eat healthy unsaturated fats such as eggs, nuts, seeds, or avocados in your every meal schedule.

If you want to eat a snack, you can try avocado or sunflower seeds as a snack.

Because by adding healthy fat snacks will prolong the feeling of fullness.

4. Consumption of nutritious foods that we like

Much of the perception of hunger is associated with the satisfaction of some food menu.

If you eat plain chicken and boiled broccoli, you are more likely to feel hungry.

This happens because you do not enjoy the food menu.

You can choose high nutritional foods that you like.

If you prefer fish in your diet, then eat the fish.

5. Include high-fiber foods

Foods with high volume and fiber tend to have fewer calories.

These foods will make you full faster.

Make sure your diet contains high-fiber foods such as fibrous vegetables, oatmeal, egg whites and low-calorie fruits.


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