5 Food And Beverage Business Ideas That Are Guaranteed To Be Anti-Loss, Suitable For Businesses In 2022

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5 Food And Beverage Business Ideas That Are Guaranteed To Be Anti-Loss, Suitable For Businesses In 2022

It is common knowledge that the culinary business is changing very quickly. In a matter of months, even weeks, foods and drinks that are viral can suddenly lose interest and are no longer popular. If you are a business person in the culinary industry, changing trends like this can indeed be detrimental.

But in the culinary business there are also food and beverages that are not affected by trends. Even though the surrounding trends change and there are ups and downs in sales, these types of food and drinks still have a lot of fans.

So if you want to start a culinary business or want to develop your existing business, you must read this article. Because here you can find out what types of food and drinks customers are always looking for so that they can bring big profits.

1. Coffee

The toughness of coffee as a beverage that is immune to changing times has indeed been proven. Initially only consumed by the elderly as a sleeper, coffee has undergone significant changes in Indonesia since the 2000s. Now, coffee is one of the most popular drinks for young people, especially those who live in urban areas.

Inspired by ready-to-drink coffee brands such as Starbucks, modern coffee comes with many variants. Starting from the milk coffee which is already commonly known, to coffee which is combined with other ingredients to give a different taste sensation.

In addition to cultural shifts and the influence of globalization, coffee also has great potential in the Indonesian market because this country is one of the best coffee producers in the world. That way, good coffee can be more easily obtained and can be used as a place to promote Indonesian cuisine.

2. Healthy food and drink

In recent years, food and beverages have become a matter of great concern to consumers. Especially those who have realized the importance of healthy living. Food and drinks are no longer only consumed as a release of hunger and thirst. Health values ‚Äč‚Äčalso need to be considered so as not to have a bad impact on the body.

Awareness for healthy living has been increasing since the COVID-19 pandemic began 2 years ago. In addition to making people more aware of personal hygiene, the pandemic has also made them more aware of whatever they consume.

Therefore, the market for healthy food and beverages has also been widely opened in the last 2 years. Given that the pandemic is still ongoing and more and more people are choosing to live a healthy life, this trend of healthy food and drink is expected to continue to rise in the future.

3. Frozen food homemade

The increasing bustle of society has an impact on the fast food market. The less time to cook makes people prefer something that is quick to serve and easy to eat.

But as we know, fast food which includes frozen food or frozen food has a bad reputation in society. Foods like this are generally made without paying attention to the nutritional balance. There are a lot of additives that make it less nutritious but very high in calories.

But frozen food like this is very difficult to eliminate from the busy life of society. So there are innovations such as homemade frozen meals, which are made more traditionally with ingredients that are more guaranteed to be fresh. Unlike industrially processed frozen foods, homemade frozen foods generally use fewer or no chemical additives. Hence, homemade frozen food is usually considered healthier than factory-made frozen food.

4. Snacks

Who doesn’t like snacking? Especially when many of us are stuck at home because we have to reduce mobility. For this reason, snacks can really be seen as an inviting business idea.

Not only that. This business can actually be started with minimal capital, because generally snacks on the market can be made with simple ingredients. As long as you’re creative and can highlight your product so you don’t lose to your competitors, cheap snacks can bring you many times over!

5. Dessert

Dessert can be interpreted as a dessert or dessert, because usually this kind of food is served as a dessert for the main course. It comes in various forms, it can be fruit, cake, or something cold. But nowadays, dessert can be served as a separate meal, not necessarily as a menu cover.

Seeing the number of food enthusiasts, dessert is one of the businesses that has the potential to bring in the coffers. And one type of dessert that is currently the most sought after is gelato or what is often called Italian ice cream.

Big profit potential from gelato

Although similar, gelato and ice cream have many differences. Because it’s made from milk, less fat, and with more natural ingredients, gelato is often labeled a healthier alternative to regular ice cream. In texture, gelato is also softer and has a denser taste in the mouth.

In addition to taste, gelato and ice cream have a different market share. If ice cream is identified with small children, then gelato tends to be marketed to young people who want to try new things. Therefore, gelateria or gelato shops in Indonesia are experimenting a lot with new and unique flavors. Call it, the taste of durian, mango, to other tropical fruits which of course cannot be found in Italy.

Are you interested in starting a gelato business?

Wait a minute, because making gelato is not as easy as you think. Good gelato is produced from high-quality ingredients and well-processed as well. Unfortunately not everyone has the ability to choose quality ingredients or adequate equipment to make gelato like real Italians.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t be a gelato business owner. With Velluto Gelato, you can be part of the premium gelato brand No. 1 in Indonesia.

Ilustrasi Gelato Velvet. (vellutogelato.com)

Currently Velluto offers a franchise program for those of you who want to do gelato business more easily and cheaply. All products, supporting equipment, materials, and even promotional materials have been provided by Velluto so you can start selling right away. There are many more benefits that you can get, such as full support from the Velluto team which includes location consultation and employee training.

Let’s learn more about this franchise program from Velluto Gelato. Contact the Velluto Gelato team now via www.vellutogelato.com or Telemarketing Velluto Gelato to get the best deals at the beginning of the year.(*)

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