5 Benefits Of Cinnamon That You May Not Know, Control Blood Sugar To Be Good For The Heart

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5 Benefits Of Cinnamon That You May Not Know, Control Blood Sugar To Be Good For The Heart

Here are the benefits of cinnamon for body health.

Cinnamon is famous for being used in various countries.

One of these spices, commonly used as a beverage additive.

Cinnamon has a unique aroma and taste.

Therefore, cinnamon is used to enhance the taste of food and drinks.

But, do you know? Cinnamon has health benefits.

Reported by Boldsky, cinnamon has benefits ranging from controlling blood glucose levels to helping you lose weight.

Cinnamon can also treat respiratory disorders to improve the digestive system.

Cinnamon leaves contain two main compounds cinnamaldehyde and trans-cinnamaldehyde (Cin) which give the spice its unique aroma.

Cinnamon essential oil, which is usually made from the leaves, turns out to have a high Cin content with great benefits for the human body.

Cinnamon bark contains catechins (major antioxidants in green tea) and procyanidins (major antioxidants in berries).

The following are the benefits of cinnamon for health, summarized by Tribunbanten from Boldsky

1. Control blood sugar

Cinnamon is widely used not only to control blood sugar levels but also to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels and prevent diabetes-related complications.

According to a study based on a meta-analysis of data from randomized controlled trials, cinnamon consumption can significantly lower fasting blood glucose levels and LDL or bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol or HDL.

2. Reduce the risk of obesity

Obesity is under the disease metabolic syndrome which can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

A study has shown that cinnamon can act on a cellular level and reduce the risk of obesity among Asian Indians, as they are more prone to the development of diabetes and metabolic syndrome due to their body composition.

3. Improve blood circulation in the uterus

Some studies say that cinnamon can help improve blood circulation in the uterus and promote tissue regeneration.

This helps prevent reduced blood supply during menstruation and maintains fertility and egg health.

Cinnamon can also help increase uterine blood flow during pregnancy, which further helps maintain umbilical blood flow for good fetal health.

4. Prevent bleeding

Cinnamon not only helps increase blood supply when needed, but it can also act as a coagulant and prevent bleeding.

According to one study, cinnamon oil, compared to its aqueous form, can help reduce blood clotting time in situations when there are problems related to wound clotting such as large wound sizes or underlying conditions such as diabetes or hemophilia.

5. Good for the heart

Cinnamaldehyde and cinnamic acid in cinnamon are known to have cardioprotective effects, along with strong anti-inflammatory properties.

A study conducted on Sprague Dawley rats showed that cinnamon can help widely in the treatment of ischemic heart disease with its ability to produce nitric oxide and reduce cardiac vascular tension.

Cinnamon Side Effects

Although it has various benefits, cinnamon also has side effects.

These side effects occur when you consume it in excess.

Some of the side effects of consuming too much cinnamon include:

Liver toxicity or damage


Increased risk of DNA damage

Increase body heat

Mouth sores with itching or burning

Interactions with certain medications such as heart or diabetes medications

Causes throat irritation

Certain problems during pregnancy

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