4 Things You Can Learn About Business From The Queen’s Gambit Series

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4 Things You Can Learn About Business From The Queen's Gambit Series

Some time ago the television series The Queen’s Gambit had become a conversation.

Launching from the website The Queen’s Gambit has even become one of the most watched Netflix television series.

The series discusses the life of a woman named Beth who regularly wins chess matches.

Not only entertaining and interesting to watch, there are several lessons that you can learn from The Queen’s Gambit show, especially for business people.

Here are some business lessons from The Queen’s Gambit by Entrepreneur:

1. Business people must have intuition

In the world of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs usually make decisions according to the knowledge learned or theory.

But it turns out that basic knowledge is not enough to achieve success in business.

Intuition or a whisper of the heart is also an important factor that must be considered.

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In The Queen’s Gambit the importance of this intuition is conveyed by adoptive mother Beth Harmon.

In chess, Beth often loses when her opponent uses spontaneous moves.

Even though Beth’s knowledge is limited to what she learned from books and theories.

Seeing an opponent using an unexpected move not mentioned in any chess book left Beth confused.

As Beth began to learn not to stick to theory and learn to listen to her intuition, her chess game got much better and dominated her opponents.

This also happens in the business world. When doing business, an entrepreneur often makes various plans according to what he has learned in theory.

Though spontaneity is also important in business.

2. Take Time to Rest

The words that success can be achieved with hard work are not wrong.

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However, that doesn’t mean you have to be a workaholic and torture yourself to always work hard.

Taking a moment to rest is also very important. This was emphasized by the mother of Beth Harmon, who noticed her daughter was too obsessed with winning.

No half-hearted, to achieve victory Beth always spent a lot of time learning chess without having enough rest.

Seeing her overworked daughter, Beth’s mother told her to take a break and get some fresh air.

In the series The Queen’s Gambit you can see Beth’s game is getting better after following her mother’s advice.

3. Don’t give up easily

Ups and downs in the business world are common. To be able to survive and realize a successful business requires an unyielding attitude.

This attitude is shown by the character Beth Harmon in The Queen’s Gambit.

In several episodes, it is shown that Beth must suffer defeat, but that does not make her give up playing chess.

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This unyielding attitude is what entrepreneurs must have in running their business.

Most entrepreneurs give up or just quit because they can’t handle failure and rejection.

4. Must focus

In one episode of The Queen’s GambitBeth once spied on her co-stars to try to get the upper hand.

However, this actually made him less focused on the game of chess and ended in defeat.

The same thing often happens in the business world.

Often businesses are too focused on their competitors and not on their own business.

This is what often causes business people to rush in making decisions so as not to be left behind by their competitors.

This hasty decision making often leads to unfavorable results.

Therefore, instead of focusing on what competitors or opponents are doing, focus on your own business. (*)

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